Grow Tents: Create an Ideal Growing Environment for Your Plants

Spending much time in nature can be hard with our schedules and everyday tasks and responsibilities. However, we can always bring nature into our homes and make it work its magic on our mood and the look and feel of our abode. Indoor gardens are beginning to take the world by storm. Plants have always been something we as people enjoy and like to care for as they give us as much as we give them. 

Grow tent indoor

Able to beautify any space and make it look much better and more inviting, plants are something each of us should incorporate into our home to create a calming vibe. It’s not all about the looks, though. Plants can purify the air we breathe, they can boost productivity and improve foul moods, and can really give purpose and structure throughout the week as they require regular care. 

There are many methods you can use to create your very own indoor garden, with trends like self-watering planters and hydroponics on the rise. However, if you’re looking for something to speed up their growth and stabilize the environment your home garden is thriving in, you should take a look at grow tents.

grow tent at home

What Are Grow Tents? 

Grow tents are enclosed tall, tent-like structures which you can use to create a clean, isolated environment for growing plants of a certain nature, especially ones that are quite hard to get the conditions right for or can’t thrive naturally in your climate. Grow tents are mostly used for growing food and spices. 

Imagine a small photo booth. Now imagine that that small photo booth has reflective inside walls, a ventilation system, a lighting system to simulate sunlight. This is what actually grow tents and grow tent kits are. When I say tent I don’t mean a triangle-like structure that would take a lot of unnecessary space. In fact, most grow tents are rectangle-shaped, which makes them a perfect fit for spaces that you don’t really use. 

Able to be incorporated into any room of the house, grow tents are not an eye-sore and can be easily incorporated into your decor scheme, especially when placed in a space with similar dimensions.  

growing tent inside

What Will You Need to Start? 

As I mentioned before, you can either get a grow tent and buy accessories separately or you can search the market for grow tent kits, which will include one or two other essential items to start your growing process. However, keep in mind that you’ll still need to buy additional equipment as well as growing agents, additives, and other accessories to make the growing process a success. 

As we said before, grow tents aren’t really tent-shaped, they’re just made out of similar materials and can be assembled and disassembled in a similar way. A good grow tent should have a nice, sturdy, canvas outside walls and reflective inside walls that look very similar to tinfoil. The purpose of this is so that when you add your heating and light, it can all bounce and reflect off the walls, surrounding your plants, and creating a sort of greenhouse garden effect on the inside, while the outer material keeps everything inside and protects your garden from outside influences. 

To start growing with a grow tent you’ll need a tent, a grow light, a matching ventilation system for the grow tent you’ve chosen, pH regulators, and a humidifier. These are all things you can get as part of a grow tent kit or buy separately if you know what you’re doing or have someone to guide you. You’ll also need planters, preferably canvas ones so that everything that’s going on inside the tent can really penetrate the plants to help with the growth and control the nutrients, and of course, a watering system or plan. 


Once you have acquired all these things and have set them up, it’s time to plant your seeds and place them inside your grow tent. From then on it’s all about following instructions, knowing your plants, creating the perfect environment for them to thrive in, and toggling with the settings to make sure everything is perfect.  

How to Choose a Grow Tent? 

First of all, to choose the right grow tent or grow tent kit for you, you’ll need to decide where you will place the tent. Next up, you need to figure out what you want to grow in your tent and how much of it you want to grow. For spices, you can choose a relatively small tent that will fit a couple of planters inside, but if you’re interested in growing different foods you’ll need a bigger tent that will be able to house all your seedlings and provide the space they need to develop and reach fruition. 

grow tent ventilation

Before you have all this down, you’ll need to check what grow tents are available near you or online and inspect the materials they’re made of. I spoke before of the reflective inside walls and sturdy canvas outside since they are maybe the most important parts of the grow tent. One allows for the environment inside to thrive, the other prevents outside influences and further helps everything that’s on the inside. Proper outside walls can also mean less smell and less compromising factors entering the enclosed space.


Finally, you’ll need to inspect the closing system of the tent and test it out. See if it seals the insides nicely while still allowing you to take a peek at what’s going on inside without the need of opening the tent up. It’s not a devastating mistake to leave your tent open, but if you’re growing plants that are sensitive, you should always try to keep it as sealed as possible.

It’s also important to mention that you need to make sure the inside isn’t too moist because that can result in mould and rot. To control moisture, you’ll need to choose a good ventilation system and check on your plants often.