Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer: Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Patio

Let’s admit something people, women don’t really need a reason for making some changes in their homes. Whether we’re talking about simply switching the places of some decorating items, changing some details or changing the entire setting, women simply love feeling comfortable at home. And the easiest way to feel comfy in a place while enjoying the view is by sprucing it up. The same goes with the outdoor area which practically becomes the summer living room for a lot of us. So, no wonder why a lot of you try to bring the indoors out and make it look as cosy as possible, just like your indoor living room. Similar to jazzing up a living room, dressing up your patio should start with making some changes in the seating area.

Invest in an Appealing Outdoor Furniture  

Whether you plan on switching old and tired outdoor furniture with new pieces or you are decorating your patio for the first time, you can’t go wrong with choosing teak classic outdoor furniture. Appealing, stylish and functional, teak outdoor furniture is a big but worthy investment. The reason why many people choose teak is its sturdiness. Teak is one of the hardest and most durable types of hardwoods that have been used since the middle ages for shipbuilding. 

classic outdoor furniture

What’s more, teak furniture is also weather-resistant, proving great in resisting severe wind, rain, snowstorms and abundant sun. Even though exposed to rain and water, teak wood won’t rust and deteriorate especially when in contact with some metal parts like screws or some other similar things. In fact, teak is one of the few kinds of wood that won’t rust which is rare.

Being a low maintenance material that does not need to be painted or varnished, teak furniture can last you a lifetime. Plus, this classic outdoor furniture is stylish and appealing and will stay in the same shape for its entire life. The teak’s honey brown colour can complement any decor. Over time, the colour will naturally and gracefully age into a patina grey colour, making its look more authentic. 

Depending on your patio needs, you can choose from the extensive and dazzling range of these premium outdoor furniture sets like coffee table sets, dining table sets, side tables and benches. You can choose a ready-made set or combine them the way you please. And if the space allows it, you can also choose from the large selection of loungers in which you can soak up the sun whenever you want.

How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?

Generally speaking, teak wood can last up to 100 years when left outdoors in the elements.

Install Modern Self-Watering Planters

An outdoor area wouldn’t be complete without greenery, and what a better way to add some than in modern and appealing planters?! But instead of using the traditional types of planters, this time think bigger and browse the wide range of modern self-watering planters. While traditional planters are ideal for making the plants’ roots overly wet or dry because the water drains down through the soil losing all the soil nutrients, self-watering planters have an additional basin or water reservoir underneath the planter which is designed to collect all excess water and reuse it later on. 

 modern self-watering planters

Keeping your plants healthy, watered and thriving is easy with modern planters. You just need to choose the right style, plant the plants, fill up the water reservoir and let your plants absorb the needed amount of water whenever they need it. The best part is that this water reservoir can last at least two weeks, and the water level indicator serves as a real-time tracker that will show you when it’s empty.

Thanks to its clean and contemporary design and hard-wearing construction made of UV resistant and safe to use plastic, these planters can stand the test of time and the elements. So besides outdoors, they can be used indoors as well. Coming in different sizes, you can choose several and arrange them in the most appealing way. They can be the perfect home for food and herbs as well. Thanks to the advanced watering technology and safe materials, you can grow your own fruit and veggies in a pot. Without the use of nasty chemicals and having no water and soil nutrients go to waste, you can have your very own organic produce.

Install a Fire Pit

Outdoor lights can certainly add to the curb appeal of your patio, but their light and warmth cannot be compared to the one coming from fire pits. These outdoor features can provide you with a lot of warmth while also adding to the charm and look of your patio. Nowadays, you can easily find your ideal fire pit for outdoor use from the vas selection. 

When buying, pay special attention to the material the unit is made from. Cast iron has proven to be one of the strongest and best choices over the years. Not only are these fire pits the most appealing, but they are also the most durable and reasonable solution. When compared to steel and clay, a fire pit for outdoor made of cast iron can also heat up faster which is another great bonus, especially when the weather gets colder. Plus, fire pits made of cast iron are less likely to chip or break and they ate less prone to rust. The best part of it all is that cast iron fire pits are available in a wide array of models ranging in size, shape, design and colour. This allows you to find the model that will specifically meet your patio style and free space.

fire pit for outdoor

The only downside of fire pits made of cast iron is their weight, hence, you can’t move them around as you please. Instead, once you have it, you should place it in the designated area and leave it there. In case you like something that moves easier and is less prone to discolouring, you can always invest in stainless steel fire pits. Just like cast iron, they can also come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, allowing you to choose the one according to your needs.