Get Your Glam On With 3D Lashes

Faux eyelashes, or falsies, as we lash-extension-wearers so dearly like to call them, have become one of the staples of every modern-day girl’s look. Able to really enhance the eyes, give volume, add a bit of drama in the look, and just overall improve the whole impression the makeup gives off, it’s no wonder they’re such a popular item.

Everybody wears falsies, from celebrities on the red carpet, to just us on a night out or a special occasion. Still, since there is such a huge interest in eyelash extensions there is also a huge market for them.

This can be considered a good thing, but only as long as you’re careful. Having many choices oftentimes dictates that not all of them are going to be of quality that is satisfactory, with some falsies even being deemed dangerous to wear.

That’s why, the very first thing you always need to do before buying a pair of luscious new lashes is check the manufacturer, check the material they’re made of, and check with others who’ve worn the type before to make sure everything’s going to be in order.

Now that we have precaution out of the way, we can talk about the different styles of lashes out there, and boy, are there many! Since the faux lashes industry has advanced so much there are now hundreds of different types of lashes, but the ones I find the most interesting are 3D eyelash extensions.

Sounds interesting? I know, and here’s why!

Diverse Styles


Buying a quality pair of 3D lashes can really change your makeup game. As the name suggests, these lashes are more voluminous, more full, and more effective at enhancing a look than regular lash extensions.

3D lashes come in many different styles you can choose from, suitable for both a night and a day look alike. While we’re on the topic of day and night looks, I’d like to say a little something on the matter before we move on.

Even though certain pairs of lashes can be deemed night-only or day-only, don’t let anyone tell you what a night lash or a day lash is. The only rule you need to follow here is the one you’ve set for yourself. If you want to be on the dramatic side at all times – you can and 3D eyelashes are here to help you achieve that with ease.

Many girls prefer a softer look for the day and a more bold one at night, but if you’re not among those don’t think you’re making a mistake. Beauty is, after all, within (and in this case – on!) the eye of the beholder, especially nowadays, when personal style and preference are so celebrated and encouraged.

The diversity 3D lash extensions provide aligns perfectly with this notion and that’s one of the reasons why they’re such an interesting and sought-after item. From shorter, fluffy ones to long, fierce pairs – 3D eyelash extensions have it all.

Easy Application

applying lashes

Moving forward, we come to another very important thing when talking faux lashes, and that’s application. Many falsies are known to be difficult to apply, whether because the band is too thin or the lash is weirdly made altogether, but a quality pair of 3D lashes, no matter how full they are, is never going to give you such issues.

Mind that I use the word “quality-made” a lot and I really stand by that. As I said in the introduction, quality is the very first and most important thing you need to look for when buying falsies to be able to make sure that you can reap all these benefits we’re talking about.

3D eyelash extensions are supposed to be easy to apply, as easy as any other well-made pair of lashes you know and love, but only if quality glue is used in the process.

When you find a retailer that sells 3D eyelashes make sure to check for appropriate glue for them, whether clear or black and consult a clerk or write to a representative (if buying online) to make sure you’re getting an adhesive that’s going to make sure the lashes stay on for as long as you need them to.

Because they’re fuller they’ll need a bit more holding power, so once you have that in order, the application should be a breeze and longevity should be a given.


3d lashes

Lastly, one of my favourite features of 3D eyelash extensions is the fact that they’re mostly made out of materials like silk, human hair, or an eye-friendly synthetic and not mink hair, for example, rendering them completely cruelty-free and vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Even though some people swear by mink lashes, they are often much better for softer looks that don’t add so much drama, but since 3D eyelashes are all about that boldness, mink just doesn’t work out and honestly, that’s such a good thing.

The industry really want us to think that gently brushing the mink’s tail is how the strands that turn into lashes are taken, but the truth is far grimmer, including horrible treatment and inhumane living conditions, so by opting for 3D eyelashes you’re actually getting a well-made lash that’s going to last and caring for animal friends in one fell swoop. Amazing, right?

To Sum Up

There are many helpful beauty tips out there from all kinds of experts, but the only one I can give you when it comes to faux lashes is to always make sure they’re well-made and to make sure they’re cruelty-free.

No matter if you’re going for a super-dramatic look or a soft, tender one, 3D eyelashes are going to help you in achieving it, while also making sure the two aforementioned conditions are fulfilled.

Find a good retailer, find a good glue, and let your creativity flow! There is absolutely no brake when makeup is in question, only the place you want to stop at.