10 Helpful Beauty Tips From Experts

Women invest a lot of time and effort in their daily beauty routine. To help you save time we’ve rounded-up few practical tips from world renown makeup experts who have mastered this art to the tiniest of detail. Even though, they rarely reveal their secrets for a dazzling Hollywood look, from time to time they know to surprise and honor us with a good trick.

beauty tips

  • Always use eyelash curler right after showering. Steam softens eyelashes which makes them easier to shape and ultimately avoid the possibility of breaking an eyelash.
  • To have longer and thicker-looking lashes, apply powder foundation on your eyes before you apply your favorite eye shadow. Powder from your foundation and mascara will create an ideal paste which will add volume to your eyelashes.
  • For longer lasting eyeshadow, applying foundation on your eyelids before you begin usual routine. This will help hold the shadow in place.
  • If you need a quick fix for an oily hair, use baby powdered. Sprinkle baby powder on the roots and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then brush your hair. Powder will absorb all the grease and you’re good to go.
  • For perfect eyeliner application, draw a dotted line with an eye pencil first. Start from the outside and slowly continue to the inner part of your lid. Then simply connect short lines with your eyeliner.
  • Want to buy new lipstick, but are not sure if that shade will look good on you? Do not despair. The best way to know if the lipstick is for you, apply a bit on the tip of your finger. This is the area closest in color to your lips, thus it will be easy to decide if that shade will suit you.

Beauty Tips From Experts

  • If you want to create fuller lips, apply liquid foundation before you apply lipstick. Place a drop of foundation on your lips and spread it evenly. With a lip liner (same shade as lipstick) outline your most outer lip line, apply lipstick and go over with a lip gloss.
  • If you want your perfume to last longer, apply it on a clean skin and on certain body parts such as behind ears, above the palm of your hand and on elbows. Also, keep perfume in its original package to avoid evaporation.

Gucci Perfume-Flora

  • Use perfume suitable for each season. For example, use stronger fragrances during winter and fresh and breezy ones in spring and summer. For this Summer 2013 season, stylist recommend the new Gucci perfume, Flora. You can pick between white florals, delicate violets and creamy magnolia. These feminine and sensual fragrances are perfect to mist on for any occasion.