Get Ready For A Baby On A Budget

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Nowadays you can turn on a TV without being bombarded with news on recession and turbulent global economy. However, even with so many campaigns on how to save, we are advised to spend money on some bizarre things to improve the way of living. Take raising a child for example. We all know it costs money to raise a family and first time moms know this. Getting ready for the first baby is a challenge, especially for those on a limited budget. But you should know that having a baby does not cost as much as certain websites claim. They list wipe warmer on the ‘essential baby items’ list right after wipes. Now, do you think you’ll really need them. Of course, not.

Therefore, your first baby will cost you as much as you want. If you can afford it, by all mean go all aboard. But if you fall under ‘low and middle income’ families, then get only what your baby needs. And you should know that for the first six months, your baby will have very few needs. Aside from crib, diapers, clothes, your baby will mostly crave milk, cuddles, kisses and lots and lots of love. So, lets go over easy baby checklist and baby items you’ll really need and use.


Crib – You will certainly need a place for your baby to sleep and take daily naps. Therefore, get a good quality crib. Opt for convertible ones as they convert from a crib into a toddler bed and then into a full-size bed. Of course, if you can, borrow it from a friend or family member. Or you can even use the one you slept in if in good condition, of course.

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Stroller/Car Seat Combo – You’ll definitely need a safe travel system for your baby. It’s best to invest in a quality stroller/car seat combo. Your baby will be safe in the car seat which you can use in a car when driving to your parents’ house or in a stroller when taking a stroll in a nearby park.

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Diapering Essentials – Buy only then basics. Get diapers, diaper cream and good ointment, a specious diaper bag and a changing pad for when you’re on the go. Don’t waste your money on wipe warmer, changing table (you can easily change your baby’s diaper on a bed), diaper stacker or pail.

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Baby Clothes – For the first months your baby will need very little clothes. Try to get only essential things such as one-piece suits, jumpers, bodysuits and couple of blankets. You’ll probably get a lot of clothing gifts and also note that babies grow fast so your baby may never wear some outfits. If you can borrow from a friend or a family member and browse through baby clothing store online for super savings.

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Bath Essentials – Your baby will love bathing time and you should try to make it as much comfortable and fun. And the good thing is you can do it without breaking a bank. All you’ll need is a comfortable tub, gentle shampoo and/or body wash, few washcloths, and towels. Don’t spend money on bath toys and other bath accessories as your baby will not need them in order to enjoy a bubbly warm bath.