Gear Up: The Suggested Surf Brands to Take on the Waves With

People all around the world enjoy surfing. Where there are waves, there are surfers. With almost 40,000 km of coastline, Australia has a huge number of surf beaches where people can enjoy the fresh air and experience the bliss of surfing. It is the perfect way to spend some time outdoors and enjoy nature. Plus, it’s a good outlet for tension and stress and it provides a range of health benefits.

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But regardless of how amazing it is, surfing is not easy. So, as a beginner, it’s worth taking some lessons in order to learn the basics and be able to get up on your feet. You should be a strong swimmer and always aware of the safety aspects. Having the right equipment is crucial if you want to get the best surf. The desk you buy should suit your abilities and your body as well. For that very reason, never compromise on quality and make sure you buy your equipment from a popular and trustworthy brand.

Your equipment will play a huge role in your progress as a surfer. For beginners, choosing a surfboard with a cool design is often a priority. Don’t get us wrong, the design is an important aspect, but not as important as the size, tail and raise of the board. Longboards are a perfect choice for beginners as their surface is large enough and they provide more freedom of movement. Their size makes them stable and easier to catch waves with. How fragile and expensive is your board will also affect the way you ride.

Every wave has its gear. The board you choose needs to suit the wave you are planning to ride. For example, if you go to a beach that usually has small waves and want to surf with a board with a rounded pintail, you cannot expect to ride those waves comfortably. On the other hand, fishboards are perfect for catching tricky waves. The equipment you will use will decide your style as a surfer and is essential for your safety and the safety of the people around you. Large waves can be quite overwhelming, so before you take your board to the water, make sure you have a leash on. Pick the right length of rope so it doesn’t affect your freedom of movement.

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Taking care of their gear is the mark of a good surfer. If you really love this sport, it would be natural for you to be protective of your equipment. So, get a surfboard bag so you can keep it covered and protected when not in use. Last but not least, make sure you keep your skin safe from UV damage and sunburns. Wear a wetsuit while surfing. If you can’t wear one, you can wear surf tees, shorts, neoprene vest or surf leggings. No matter what you choose, everything is good as long as you keep your skin protected and feel comfortable.

So, to get ready for your surfing adventure, you need to make sure you have all the needed pieces of equipment and clothing. Here are some of the most popular Australian surf brands where shopping is a real pleasure and comes with peace of mind due to their wide range of quality products.

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  • Ocean&Earth

Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest and most popular names in this industry. The brand Ocean and Earth was established in 1978 when they first started producing basic surfing products. With time, the company grew through a network of retailers through Southern Queensland and NSW and as of 2010, it has become the company that makes the “World’s Strongest Leash” – a fully moulded surf leash. Ocean and Earth’s product range varies from backpacks, a range of surfing accessories and a smaller range of clothing pieces like swimwear, wetsuits, hats. Today, the brand is the largest manufacturer of surfboard ropes and covers, so if you are planning that long-awaited surfing trip and need to deck out your surfboard, look no further than this company.

ocean n earth

  • Globe International

Established in 1980, this brand was born as a part of Hardcore Enterprises – an Australian-based company that specializes in street culture and skateboards. The Hardcore was founded in 1984 and it quickly became one of the world’s biggest skateboard distribution companies. The Globe was created in 1994. After ten years of distribution, production and design, it was time to create a global brand known for their quality apparel and hardgoods for board sports.


  • Surf Stitch

This brand is the world’s biggest online action sports and youth apparel retailer. It’s home to more than 600 brands and 20,000 products. The company grew from the founders’ back yard garage in 2007. Their main goal was to fill the void left by traditional stores for surfing equipment – a great but a limited amount of products, styles and sizes. In 2012, the company expanded into Europe and recently acquired the online retail platform of North America.