Eliminating Belly Fat: The Health and Self-Esteem Wrecker

Isn’t it ironic, how even though all the technological developments have helped simplify our lives, we find ourselves too pressed for time instead? This in turn shapes our day to day lives into ones packed up with a busy schedule, so it’s no surprise many of us find ourselves trying to get a hold of our weight because of improper diet and lack of physical activity


Even if you don’t exactly have a trouble with being overweight, leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle leads to that nuisance we all know as belly fat. Apart from the negative effect on our self-esteem, it also has a direct effect on the overall well-being; the more belly fat, the bigger the risks of diabetes, and heart diseases to say the least.

As discouraging as it may seem, it can be the area that’s most difficult to get rid of fat, however, not impossible when you have the right solution. First things first, you have to eat a high-protein diet, and what better way to do so than by seeking the help of supplements of protein for weight loss.

A high quality fat melting protein powder supplement, together with an exercise program, and well-balanced healthy diet (no sugary, or refined carb foods and drinks) is just what you need to kick that unwanted fat once and for all. Getting the help of protein for weight loss (like the popular whey) means you can lose weight without losing muscle mass, as well as decrease your appetite by keeping you fuller longer.

As mentioned, proper diet is one of the key components to belly fat elimination success, so it’s advisable to start keeping track of your calorie intake, not having more than your body needs in a day – start a journal if necessary. If you haven’t by now, it’s important to increase the omega 3 fats in your diet, with up to three servings per week, as well as probiotics to have the improved gut health, which is bound to help with the elimination of abdominal fat.

Don’t forget to count on the help of tea also, green tea in particular, as it’s known as the ideal metabolism booster, and can prove to be essential in the boosting of the immune system too. A word of advice is not to exceed three cups a day, as too much of anything can lead to side effects instead; in the case of too much green tea, you might experience headache, insomnia, and even develop more serious problems like hepatitis.

You needn’t be reminded on the importance of getting enough z’s every night, and avoiding stressful situations as much as you can, since both are the causes of raised levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which makes your body more prone to piling up belly fat.