Elastic Side Work Boots: Safety and Convenience Combined

For those of you that spend their workdays on construction fields or industrial floors, having convenient and comfortable work boots is essential for both your feet and your overall performance. Slip-on, elastic side work boots are the model that combines these two features in a perfect blend.

The Difference Between Lace Work Boots and Elastic Side Work Boots

First of all, the ease of use. Once you get a pair of elastic side work boots you won’t waste any time with laces. These have techniques you need to master in order to learn how to properly tie them up. Elastic side boots, on the other hand, just need simple maneuvers – slip on, slip off – and that’s it. This simplicity doesn’t mean that this type of work boots don’t serve their purpose of keeping you safe while at work. On the contrary, these have proven to be quite invaluable for many precisely because of their protective features.

Second, the easy-to-use elastic side boots are typically made wider than the more-formal lace models. This means that you have more room to put on an extra pair of socks if you need to or to simply use the width for added comfort. Plus, these come in a wider choice of colours and designs and too.

A Few Details That Matter

Material and Build

High-quality elastic work boots are most often made of leather and other top-grade materials such as rubber, suede or synthetic components. One additional feature that makes them so widely popular is the fact that there are models that are perfect for the office, for the field and for weekend wear as well. They have flexible soles that envelope the whole foot and offer the comfort that is needed for work and for running errands too.


As previously mentioned, comfort has an impact on health and productivity as well. So, the comfort level these boots offer does help you do your job properly, without any foot pain at the end of the day. Note that elastic side work boots come with a shock-absorbing and pain-reducing midsole which makes the boots reliable regardless of the surface you are working on.


Quality and durability matter, since no one wants to spend money on boots they need to replace in just a couple of weeks or months. This should be a long-term investment, so make sure that you buy nothing but the best. If the material is reliable, durability is almost guaranteed.


There are numerous work situations that can cause injuries, so it is vital that you make sure you are properly protected – from head to toe, that is. You work boots will keep you safe from any machinery parts, tools that may fall on your feet, circuits and slippery surfaces. By wearing a proper pair your feet will be covered and secure and that can help you avert serious work-related injuries.