Dog Tattoos For Men

A dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and they are probably the cutest and most loyal animals on the planet. In most cases, dogs are much more than pets, they are part of the family. People have a habit of tattooing portraits of their beloved dogs, and these tattoos often are a tribute to the animal.

Dog Tattoos For Men

The dog is one of the most popular tattoo symbols. Sometimes a dog tattoo is a memorial to a loyal friend who has passed on to the spirit side of life, but dog also is a powerful symbol of loyalty, intelligence, friendship and unconditional love. Throughout history dogs have been known as guardians, protectors and of course – men’s best friends. In some ancient civilizations dogs are considered sentinels to the gateways of the Otherworlds. In ancient Egyptian, Celtic and Greco-Roman myths, the dog represents a spiritual guide – an ally while a human soul is transferring between the realms of physical and non-physical. If you need guidance, perhaps, a dog tattoo can provide you a feeling of guardianship and protection in life.

In Asian symbolism the dog represents good luck, while in Chinese a dog is a symbol of good fortune, obedience, friendship and prosperity. The dog is associated with the sign of Aquarius in the Chinese zodiac, and therefore is considered to have an amicable disposition. So, if you need a bit of luck or a boost in your social standing, a dog tattoo might be a good reminder.

Today, dogs are dear companions and loyal friends to their owners. Dogs are loyal and giving. They provide protection and guidance and if they are successfully trained, can be used in rescue missions by the military, police and hiking services.

Many dog tattoo designs are real life images. Men usually get dog portrait tattoos, which look nice wherever you put them. Some dog tattoos are more cartoon-like, but this design tends to be more exaggerated and often exhibits human characteristics. The locations of the body for dog tattoos often vary, although arms and legs are the most common places. Today, dog tattoos on fingers are also becoming increasingly popular among both men and women.

The color of your dog tattoo is also a tale-teller. Black dogs are representative of the baying hounds of Hecate, who in myth and legends is the goddess of shadows. White dogs symbolize purification, clarity, virtue and stamina, while red dogs symbolize virility and a sense of victory in personal battles.

Over 400 breeds of dog are recognized around the world today, hence the choice for dog tattoos is very wide. However, the idea of tattooing a dog is very personal and the reasons are varied. But, if you choose to get a dog tattoo on your skin, you should know that this symbol represents loyalty, intelligence, protection, friendship, guidance and love. So, if you want these concepts to accompany you forever, then dog tattoos is certainly what you were looking for!