Customize Your Pickup Truck with Dual Cab Ute Trays

A coupe utility or simply known as a ute is part of Aussie’s culture that has stayed a mainstream vehicle for tradies since its invention in the 30s . An engineer at the Ford motor company invented the ute basing it on the Model A. Utes are a regular passenger vehicle with an added cargo tray at the back which is integrated with the passenger body. They are smaller than trucks but because of that, they are more customizable. One common aftermarket upgrade utes get treated to are aluminium trays. Dual cab trays are meant to provide more freedom in the storage space at the back of the ute.

Benefits of Dual Cab Ute Trays


While your ute may already come with space in the back for gear and equipment, it isn’t designed for the tradie life. The practicality dual cab ute trays offer is unmatchable. They are meant to provide exactly what you need as long as you choose one that has the right type of storage.

black truck with ute tray



One feature that can be found on a dual cab tray, and any ute tray for that matter, are lockable toolboxes. This allows you to put anything in them without having to worry if any of your equipment will get stolen. You don’t have to empty out the tray every time you finish work. Just leave it in there and rest assured it will stay put.

Meant for Work

A dual cab aluminium ute tray is perfect for your mobile office. Since a tradie needs to carry everything wherever they go, ute trays are the best solution for that. You can have one designed to accommodate different functions depending on your needs, making it perfect for your job. You can pick its size, toolboxes, deck style and materials.


The market is abundant with ute tray options that you can easily find one that suits your needs. You can opt for a model that can boost your workflow and even increase storage capacity. You don’t have to keep to the same storage capacity that came with your ute from the assembly line. Ute trays come in different designs and layouts offering the utmost flexibility and can help you enjoy the interior space without making any compromises.

black aluminium ute tray


How Long Is a Dual Cab Tray?

All dual cab trays aren’t made the same, usually their external length is about 1.8 meters and their internal length is 1.7 m. This depends on the model and make of the ute you have as not all truck beds are made the same. You’ll need to take some measurements before you determine if your ute can afford a bigger tray or not.

Single vs. Dual vs. Extra Cab Utes


There are differences between every type of ute be it single, dual or extra cab. A single cab ute has one cabin meant for the driver and passenger. This type also provides the biggest storage space in the back. If interior space means a lot to you, then a dual cab ute may be a better option.


Dual cab utes have two cabins – the front one is meant for the driver and one passenger and the second one for two or sometimes three more passengers. Because of this, the storage space of dual-cab utes is usually smaller than the one of single cab utes.


Also known as super cab utes, extra cab utes are the middle ground between dual and single cab utes. They are often referred to as king-cab utes since they provide extra room behind the first cab which can be used either for seating or storage. They are a one and a half type of ute which can adapt to your needs. Sometimes you might need extra room for a coworker, other times you might need some extra space for equipment – with this model you’ll have no problems.

customized ute tray


When you don’t know what will set you for good, extra cab utes come to the rescue. Keep in mind that extra cab utes have a longer cabin than dual-cab ones but many of them do not feature a fifth seat because of their versatility. An extra cab ute is also a safer option since it provides a storage solution that will keep your gear safe from prying eyes but also from the elements. Their roofs are longer too which means you can also equip them with roof racks. This adds even more storage space making extra cab utes the best option when it comes to storage capacity.