Custom Made Earplugs and Ear Molds

The busy and noisy world we live in is sometimes not easy to bear with. Nowadays, with music being portable and easy to listen to on the go by putting headphones in your ears on maximum volume, the unbearable noise from construction sites, the extremely loud music in bars and discos, we are not even aware that all these seemingly unimportant factors play a great role in damaging our listening abilities.

So, what can you do to protect your hearing?

If you do not feel like giving up listening to music while jogging or going to work, know that you do not have to. Today companies have thought of interesting and creative ways to give your ears a rest once in a while. Custom made earplugs and ear molds are the real thing for this purpose as you can put them in your ear whenever you feel like escaping the world and enjoy complete silence.


Loud sounds are not only uncomfortable but they also increase the risk for hearing damage. Custom made earplugs offer full-custom hearing protection that is tailored to fit your ears. Each ear is distinct and individual just like your fingerprints are. Therefore, no two ear canals have exactly the same size and shape which means they are totally unique and have different measures. Taking this into consideration, whether you need protection from water or noise, a hearing protection or just perfectly-shaped set of plugs to wear when sleeping, sometimes can be a real challenge to find the perfect ear plugs for your ears.

For that reason, your safest bet is getting custom made earplugs and ear molds.

Custom made earplugs are made by taking the impressions of the inside of each of your ears, just like a 3D model. Once impressions are made, they are sent to the laboratory where a team of professionals scans the received samples and uses them to design a set of custom earplugs. With proper cleaning and storage, custom made earplugs can last for several years.

Custom made ear molds are the most important link in the process of fitting the hearing aid system because they have to simultaneously fulfill several functions. For example, they need to:

1. Be comfortable to wear for a longer period;

2. Be aesthetically acceptable to the individual that needs to wear them;

3. Be of a style that the patient can handle wearing;

4. Acoustically couple the hearing aid to the ear;

5. Retain the hearing aid on the pinna.

Custom ear molds can be designed for people who wear in-ear monitors over an extended period of time or need them to perform their jobs, such as musicians, news anchors or radio broadcasters. Take care of your health, because no one else will if you don’t.