Crane Design and Use – Part 2

Continuing from part 1…

A common large urban and commercial construction site may include both tower and mobile cranes for lifting and moving different kinds of materials simultaneously. These cranes can be operated only by competent individuals with proper knowledge and skills. For some projects, the crane operator needs a signalman who will give signals for better crane operation. When truck-mounted crane is used, usually two skillful workers are required, one to drive the truck and the other to operate the crane.


No matter what type of crane is being used, the crane operation is a very responsible task that needs to be very carefully and accurately performed. The crane operators need to know their responsibilities, and must have the proper training be able to lift and carry even the most unstable loads. They also need to posses the skills and to know how to deposit the loads very closely to the workers on the construction site who are involved in activities which are non-related with the crane operation.

Accidentally dropped or mishandled load can seriously injure the workers on the construction site, or perhaps interrupt the whole construction project. The workers who are directly involved in the construction operations are not the only ones exposed to risks. Many surveys have shown that many crane accidents took the lives of many pedestrians and civilians as well. The cranes in Australia that are used in the construction industry are very different from the industrial ones, as they involve a load with unique characteristics in each lift. This helps operators who are looking for a crane for sale, because every lift can modify the load capacity, the stability and the maneuverability of the crane.

However, these variations in the performance of each crane require big attention from the operators, especially for the limitations and the handling abilities. Surprisingly, there is currently no universally accepted licensing or certification for the crane operators who are supposedly the most highly trained and highly paid workers at construction sites. In Australia, there are around 35,000 full-time operators of tower and mobile cranes, based on data from 2013/14.

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