Car Headlights: An Upgrade That’s Aesthetic and Functional

No matter how much we may be creatures of habit, there comes a time when we want to add some change in our lives, even us men. I love my car much to the point of not letting my partner drive it, and though I’ve always loved its appearance I decided it was time for a bit of change.

Though primarily I was thinking of going for something drastic as colour change, I figured it’s a rather time-consuming process so ended up replacing the headlights instead. It turned out to be such a great change that didn’t only affect the aesthetics but the performance too, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


I wasn’t expecting to come across such wide range of car light bulbs, fitted and unfitted, LED and HID, to choose from. My choice came down to ease of installation, because I wanted the lights allowing me to carry out a DIY project, while at the same time reap benefits like waterproof properties without spending a fortune.

It might sound like I was too picky but it’s easier than it seems to find affordable aftermarket car light bulbs that are brand new, guarantee quality thanks to the waterproof properties and the materials they’re made of, and wouldn’t take up much of your time to install them thanks to the direct replacement, allowing you to use the factory wiring and mounting points.

There are other aspects to consider if you too are thinking of doing this upgrade, such as the one of low and high beam, whether to go for LED or HID, or even just opt to change the headlight capsules instead of the headlights altogether.

car with light bulbs

The last may be a great decision if you’re willing to go for the easiest option, and it’s possible to find bright capsules that would make a huge difference from the ones before. While this is great, it can be a problem in terms of durability; the brighter they are, the faster they burn out. If the replacement is done with HID, for example, you’d also have to install ballasts to fit them with the halogen capsules as it’s not a direct fit.

Likewise, while most people focus on the brightness (I used to be one of them), it may not be the most important feature if the beam isn’t functional because no matter how bright your headlights can be, lighting up the wrong parts of the road would only get worse and other than being unsightly, it’s also dangerous. To avoid this, it’s important to consider the beam pattern.

Knowing how essential lights are, especially for night drive, you can’t allow to replace the capsules when and only when they burn out; do the upgrade prior to this and you can count on safe and stylish rides.