Camera Accessories: What’s Essential and What You DON’T Need to Buy

It won’t take you much time before getting your next DSLR camera and realizing that you’ll need to buy camera accessories in order to improve your photography. Whether it’s just your hobby or your career choice, owning the right camera accessories can and will make things easier for you and will definitely help you get better shots.

However, picking the things that you need can be a bit intimidating with the market being so overstocked with unnecessary things that might end up costing you more than you’d like to spend. In addition, I’m going to discuss which camera accessories I find essential and which ones I find unnecessary, at least in most cases. When you go out to buy camera accessories you have to put into perspective how often and in what way you’re using your camera. Nevertheless, some of the accessories I will list are useful in every situation.


  • The camera bag should be owned by every photographer for a couple of reasons: protection from the elements, protection during transport, protection not only for your camera but all other accessories as well.
  • Filters and lenses are also essential for any aspiring photographer. A macro lens, for example, will allow you to make close-up shots of miniature objects or long distances. Filters will provide different effects – natural density filters can prove to be very beneficial if you intend to take long exposure pictures in daylight; polarizing filters can boost contrast, saturation and cut down reflection.
  • An external flashlight is also crucial if you intend to take shots in the dark or just need better lighting. While most cameras do come with built-in flashlights, often times they prove to be inefficient. For even further convenience, a flashlight can be mounted on top of the camera, allowing you to take shots easier.

Here are some of the accessories that you won’t necessarily need to buy immediately.

  • A grey card set, which I find unnecessary since you can adjust it yourself if you are experienced enough.
  • An extra battery – when you purchase your battery, it should be in good shape and should be able to last for at least several hours of active photography.
  • An extra memory card can be useful if you are photographing very often, but you can also just transfer pictures to your computer and then delete them from the existing memory card to free up space. So no worries, it’s no big deal if you can’t afford buying an extra memory card at the moment!

There are many more accessories that you don’t really need as a beginner photographer, but for the sake of simplicity of the guide, I won’t go further than the aforementioned few, which some novice photographers find essential, while in reality you can easily manage without them.