Best Way To Take Care Of Your Boat

boat storage

If you own any type of a watercraft, you probably know that proper care and maintenance will not only prolong the life of your boat, but will also help you avoid expensive repairs and give you security when cruising the waters. Read on the following boat care tips that will help you prolong the life of your boat.

Proper Storage For Boats – One of the most important decisions to make when owning a boat is storage. Storage for boats is the key to longer life of your watercraft and a way to prevent repairs. You can choose between indoor or outdoor storage for boats. Maybe a bit more expensive, but indoor boat storage offers greater protection since it is the best way to protect your boat from bad weather, harmful UV rays, potential damage from pests, rodents or burglars. When storing your boat indoor in specialized boat storage look for one that includes special boat care services like regular maintenance and cleaning. In case you have enough space at home and you store it there, use boat tarp to protect it from moisture, dust or rodents. If you choose an outdoor storage for boats, invest in a quality waterproof boat cover that will keep your boat safe from everything.

Regular Boat Care And Cleaning – Regular maintenance and cleaning is another key element for keeping your boat in good condition. Regular washing, painting, cleaning and waxing will protect your boat and will extend its life. If you want make it even more safe, use Eco-friendly products that will also help save the environment.

Proper Battery Care – Always inspect boat battery. Check regularly if the battery is fully charged and check the fluid levels. Clean the battery regularly and remove every dirt particle, dust or damp that can drain the battery.

Make Routine Inspection – Regular boat inspection is essential for preventing major boat repairs. Keep an eye on every boat part, from the smallest loose screw to fraying ropes to increase performance and safety. If something needs to be repaired or replaced, do it immediately.

Motor Maintenance – Another important element of boat care is regular motor maintenance. Check fuel clamps for rust or other damage; clean the engine after every trip; check the oil and the engine cooling system. Make sure you do this regularly before and after your trips.

Bilge Pumps Care – Check the bilge pumps and every electrical component for rust regularly. Keep the limber holes clean and make sure the battery system has enough power to run the pump for a long time.