Best Christmas Gift For 5-Year Old

It is well known that Christmas is the time for giving gifts and there isn’t a kid that anxiously waits for presents from Santa. Weeks before Christmas, kids write letters to Santa listing all they want for this merry holiday. Of course, we all know parents play the role of Santa. Luckily, there are so many toys you can buy for you kids. Search online for the most popular ones this year. You will find a huge range of toys for boys and girls, from action figures and dolls to many pretend play toys and indoor play equipment. Depending on how old your kids are, make sure you get them Christmas presents appropriate for their age.

Pretend Play Toys – Some toys never go out of style. And toys that stimulate role playing are certainly a timeless classic. For example, you can buy a modern chef kitchen equipped with great features that can be found in any real kitchen. It comes with microwave, oven, cabinets which also make fun realistic electronic sounds. Your kid will have super fun pretending to be a master chef of a popular restaurant. You can also buy a dollhouse for your princess. Role playing is very important for kids’ learning experience. The little ones love to imitate they parents which is an important part of a child’s social development. Buying your kids pretend toys is a good idea because they will always have a good time playing.

Play Centre EquipmentGet outdoor play equipment for your kids this Christmas and install your kids their own cubby house in your backyard. Cubby houses will open the door to your kids’ creativity and imagination. Because children need safe environment for playing, cubby houses are ideal as they are child-proof without sharp edges. Also, your kids can now enjoy playing with their friends more often. These play centers are fairly large and can accommodate up to by 12 children age 3 to 10. Because it’s a holiday season, there are play centre equipment for sale, so give your kids a present to remember.

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Learning Tablets – Portable learning tablets are quite popular. They are extremely effective because they keep kids engaged, entertained and also, they are excellent educational aids. Tablets help in kids’ development, especially in improving learning skills such as language, math, science, problem solving skills, cognitive and visual perception. This means your kids will not only play, but learn too.

Puzzle Games – Puzzles are very interesting not just for kids but for adults as well. We all know that kids are like sponges. Their ability to learn quickly is best seen through their puzzle solving skills. It is very important to take advantage of puzzle games because they help kids reinforce motor skills, logic, visualization, creativity and critical thinking.

As a parent, you certainly know what your kids would like to find under the Christmas tree. So whether it is some simple toy or a play centre equipment, what is important is to make them happy and make their wishes come true.