Auto Darkening Welding Helmets: Level Up the Welding Protection

Welding, as the process that makes it possible for metals to be joined together, is important in industry. Furthermore, it’s not just used for industrial purposes, but at home as well when dealing with metals, for instance with fences, mailboxes and tanks, and creating sculptures. There’s one aspect that everyone engaging in welding work knows: when dealing with this sort of tasks, the risk of getting injuries is high taking metal debris flying away into account.

This requires the use of specialised clothing, doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, DIY welder or an artist. Apart from the protective clothing and gloves, there’s one important piece you can’t overlook: the welding helmet. Due to the fact working with metals results in the creation of sparks and arc, eyes must be protected. Thankfully nowadays there’s the option of auto darkening welding helmets, taking eye, as well as full face, protection, up to another level. Direct exposure over a long period of time to the arc is sure to bring sight-related problems thanks to the dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays, known as welders’ flash, including the flying metal fragments, which is why it’s not a question of whether to wear a darkening welding helmet, but a must.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

The reason auto darkening welding helmets are gaining in popularity is because they are the advanced option to traditional welding helmets. They are meant to accommodate more of the welding needs than traditional ones, taking into account the ability to set the shade of the helmet glass to welding then to inspecting the welded outcome which isn’t possible with the traditional helmets, requiring to be lifted to do so. The disadvantage of traditional fixed shade helmets is intensified when work is done in tight spaces, and this goes to show you don’t only need protection but quality protection at that.

Auto darkening helmets are based on LCD technology, enabling the selection of shade in milliseconds, going from light to dark and vice versa. It’s needless to say they enable continuous work and reduce the start and stop time in positioning of the helmet. Powered by lithium and solar batteries, these helmets offer as much as 5,000 working hours, as well as the large viewing area with the adjustable dark state din 9-13. This makes them suitable not only for arc gouging, plasma welding and cutting, but MIG, TIG, and MMA operations also.

To be able to make full use of this helmet and set it properly, remember to adjust the shield delay time primarily – in other words, the time it takes for the shield to go from light to dark. Similarly, adjust the shade setting, always minding to use the darkest shade that’s recommended for the specific type of welding you’re doing. Safe work makes for a more enjoyable and productive process, so having this protective piece is more than necessity.