Are AAA Rechargeable Batteries Better For The Environment?

We use batteries for so many different devices including cars, computers, cameras, watches, and so much more. The most common type of battery found today in our homes is the AAA battery, but there are also different types such as A, AA, C, D, NiMH, and more. While some of them are great at lasting a long time and supplying power, they really aren’t great for the environment. A great solution to this is to use rechargeable batteries. You can easily find AAA rechargeable batteries and there are so many added benefits to using them. Just like anything, there are also some downsides all of which we will cover below. If the positives outweigh the negatives and it helps our environment then it might be something worth looking into.

Some of you may not be aware of how rechargeable batteries are actually better for the environment. This is because most of us are also unaware of how bad normal batteries are and what they actually do to the planet. Batteries are made up of so many harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and corrosive metals which all do our environment damage. A rechargeable battery actually has 28 times less of an impact on the planet and global warming. It is also a better choice when it comes to reducing things such as air pollution, air acidification, and water pollution. If that’s not a good reason to switch, then you should keep reading to find out all the other benefits that come with changing to rechargeable AAA batteries.

AAA rechargeable batteries 2

There are also many other added benefits when it comes to using these batteries. One obvious benefit is that you will save money since AAA rechargeable batteries can be used hundreds to thousands of times which you simply can’t do with average batteries. While they do cost more to buy, you will end up paying more in the long run with disposable batteries because you will have to replace them more. Another benefit is that you are also helping to save the planet’s resources. This is because fewer batteries are being manufactured, produced, and transported. Last but not least, rechargeable batteries will always outperform normal batteries. This is something that is especially great for devices that use a lot of power and drain batteries quite quickly.

Now all these benefits are great but there are two main disadvantages that you will get with rechargeable batteries. The first is that they need to be recharged which is quite obvious. This might not be great for someone who wants to just pop their batteries in and start using their device. You can combat this problem by buying two sets of rechargeable batteries so you can alternate them when one set starts to run low on power. The second is the self-discharging that needs to be expected. This happens when batteries have been laying around for a while they can run out of power so you will need to charge them before you use them.

It is also important to know how to recycle any kind of batteries you have around the house if you decide to start throwing out your disposable ones to start using rechargeable ones. Many retail stores accept used batteries so they can recycle them properly so you should ask around locally to find recycling stations. You should check your area or search online to find out how people near you recycle their batteries. If you are unsure of where to find AAA rechargeable batteries you can easily search online to find retailers that ship straight to your door. Saving our environment really is as simple as switching your batteries.