Appliance Assessment – What To Keep And What To Throw Away

How many small kitchen appliances do you own? How often do you use them? Are they just a messy eyesore jam-packed on your kitchen countertop? If yes, then it’s time to evaluate your small kitchen appliances and decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw away (or give them to someone who can appreciate them more).

When it comes to small kitchen appliances assessment, there’s really no set of rules to follow. Simply consider the following:

  • your kitchen space;
  • is an appliance essential for particular cooking activity;
  • how frequently you use particular appliance;
  • performance features;
  • and your cooking skills and style.


x Electric Kettle

You must love the one-touch button operation, stay-cool nonslip handle, and the fact that you can brew your tea in a matter of minutes. Yes, electric kettle is a delight. But do you really need one? How hard it is to heat water in a small pot on the stove? Get rid of it. Or even better, donate it or give to someone close.

x Rice Cooker

Want perfectly cooked rice every time? You don’t need rice cooker for that. You can cook tender, fluffy rice using your pot and stove only. There are numerous how-to-cook-rice recipes online, but take it from the professionals. Gordon Ramsey, passionate British chef with Scottish origin, has few tricks up his sleeve that will teach you how to cook the perfect rice without rice cooker.

Hand-Held Mixer

Mixing tasks are a no sweat with this kitchen appliance. You can whip up almost anything with hand mixer, from cake frosting to perfect fluffy mashed potatoes. Featuring multiple speeds, easy beater ejection, superior comfort, performance and control, with hand mixer you’ll do some smart mixing. Definitely a keeper.


Blender is the king of all small kitchen appliances. It is so versatile, it can replace different kitchen tools. From crushing ice and mixing pancake batter to making out-of-this-world dips and healthy smoothies, use your blender to full advantage to prepare refreshing snacks and great party starters. This simple to use, yet powerful gadget will help you make wonderful starters without much effort and in a matter of minutes.


x Pasta Maker

Fresh pasta simply cannot be compared to the store-bought one. But do you really need a pasta making machine to make some. The answer is NO. All you need is a foolproof recipe, a rolling pin, sharp knife and lots of love. Making your own fresh pasta is easier than you though. The secret is in making the perfect dough. So, throw away your pasta maker, roll up your sleeves and let’s start cooking.

Food Processor

You may have bought your food processor because of its sleek design or because all world- famous chefs use one. But it is the superior performance and ability to match any food prep task that has made this appliance a celebrity among small kitchen appliances. Don’t you simply love everything your food processor lets you do. From mincing garlic and slicing veggies to chopping meat and kneading bread dough. Simply said, food processor does all the tough culinary tasks, so you can do the fun stuff.


Don’t you think it’s time to get the most out of your food? If yes, know that juicer goes hand in hand with vitality and optimum health. So why not use it to full advantage. Fresh juice provides minerals and vitamins which will turbo-charge your body. Juicer is designed to extract juice from raw vegetables and fruits keeping most nutrients intact. Access the super nutrition of the food you eat and embrace a healthy lifestyle with your juicer.