Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders: A Guide to Going Handbag-Free

As much as we love handbags, carrying one can often feel like torture. I’m sure you’ve faced the following situation. You plan to go grocery shopping after work, but that means that you need to lug around grocery bags in addition to a bulky tote. So, you postpone your shopping for the next day. And the next day, you instinctively grab your tote again, only to remember your shopping plans as you’re already on the bus. And this can go on forever – postponing not only your grocery shopping but other responsibilities and plans as well. All for your handbag.

I sure struggled with this for a long time. And that’s when it hit me. My bag is often a cause of unnecessary stress, why do I keep carrying that weight around? It only contained a small number of valuables along with many items I rarely use. So, I challenged myself to go a week without lugging around a heavy handbag. And I’ve never looked back! Here are some great tips on how you too can go handbag-free and stress-free.

leather wallet

Find a Practical & Stylish Wallet

Trust me, everyone can go without a purse if they can find a versatile enough wallet. And what do I mean by a practical wallet? A wallet that can fit your ID, keys, cash and other important belongings in a compact way, so that it can easily slide into any pocket. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of practical and compact wallets for ladies ranging from bi-fold to tri-fold, checkbook style, travel style, or a slim, money clip style.

However, many women love their purses because they are a stylish accessory. But in addition to being practical, wallets can also be the perfect accessory to tie an outfit together. Plus, they do not add as much weight to your look as a bag does, making them an especially smart fashion choice for petite girls. And since wallets for ladies are available in a variety of colours, designs and materials ranging from leather to suede, vinyl and synthetic fabric – you can easily find a wallet that matches your particular style and taste. What’s more, many wallets also feature a detachable string which allows you to put it on around your body for extra impact on your outfit.

ladies wallet-sunglasses-accessories

Evaluate What Your Essentials Are

Carefully inspect the insides of your daily bag, and take note of the things you use daily and the ones that you only occasionally use, or never. You’ll see that you can’t imagine leaving your home without certain items like your keys, phone and money. And all these things are small enough to fit in a wallet, even your phone if you get a big enough wallet. Try storing the other items that you may consider must-have, like for instance a chopstick or dental floss, in clothes with pockets such as jackets and jeans. Even if you’re not completely able to go bag-less in certain situations, by being aware of what your essentials are, you can still lighten your load and be able to choose a smaller bag.

Store Some Things at Work

Many of the things we carry around in our bags are meant to help us get through our day. And most of us spend the majority of our day at work. So, instead of carrying all those things around, consider leaving them on your desk or a personal storage space at your workplace. For instance, if you want to re-apply your make up and refresh your look, you can simply leave a make-up bag at work. This also works for snacks. Try bringing a week-worth of snacks on Monday, leave them in the office fridge or your desk, and go bag-free for the whole week.