5 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Truck


Truck drivers are connected to their trucks to a great extent. For most of them, the trucks are practically their homes, because they spend most of their time driving. While some truck drivers prefer buying a new truck, others prefer to bring a mechanic with them and to inspect a used truck. The experienced truck owners are capable to recognize the difference between well-maintained and heavily abused (or improperly maintained) truck. If you are new in the trucking sector, start your career by buying a used truck. Here are 5 things you need to consider before buying a used truck:

Choose Axle Configuration, Horsepower And Towing Capacity – Before making the final purchase, check the axle configuration of the truck you are planning to buy. You need to be sure that you are buying a truck with the right axle configuration that will suit your carrying needs. Consider the weight of your loads, your driving style and the terrains you will be driving on. Determine how much horsepower and towing capacity you need in order to choose the best truck model.

Check The Engine – Since the engine is the single most important part of any vehicle, look for a used truck that comes with well-maintained engine. The condition of the engine will provide you with lot of information about the truck. Look for any leaks, which may indicate a need for repair. Start the engine and then listen carefully for any strange noise. Look for colored smoke that might be coming out from the exhaust. Strange engine noises may indicate a need for urgent repair, while blue or white smoke is a clear sign that the engine is burning oil.

Check The Cab – Don’t forget to check the interior of the truck. Get into the cab of the truck and check the overall interior condition. Also, check the odometer to see how much kilometers the truck has passed. If the truck has as high odometer reading, like 400 000-500 000 km, you should consider another truck.

Check The Brake Pads – Although brake pads are inexpensive spare parts, it is important to check them before you buy the truck. When buying online, ask for more brake pad pictures in order to estimate how long you can use them. But since replacing brake pads is inexpensive, even a truck with worn brake pads is a good investment if all other major parts of the truck are in top condition. But if you decide to buy a truck with worn brake pads, replace them as soon as possible.

Check The Maintenance Records – One thing you probably want to avoid is buying a used truck that will require big repairs later. Therefore, check the maintenance records of the truck and ask whether any major repairs have been performed. The maintenance record may also help you to check how the truck was used before.

Reference: trucks4u.com.au