5 Outdoor Living Essentials: Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

By the time you are done bringing your outdoor living area closer to the Great Outdoors, your indoor comfort will be knocking on the door, waiting to come outside. By making the right choice of products, you can indulge in comfort, sustainability, stylishness and nature. Here are some of  the things that can help you blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, create a personal safe haven and turn your outdoor area into “the place to be”

Outdoor BBQ 

A barbecue is the signature of outdoor living. Although the choice sometimes depends on the quality and quantity of the food you usually cook, debates on what’s the best type of outdoor grill have been resolved.  No matter if you’re a “steak for dinner” devotee or you love being a host of outdoor BBQ parties, the quality gas outdoor grills on the market can take care of your appetite, outdoor event and the environment.  

Outdoor BBQ
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According to one study, the carbon footprint of a charcoal grill is nearly three times higher than that of a gas grill. Furthermore, a 2015 report on the gas market claimed Australia is the biggest exporter of natural gas in the world. Heating supply can be achieved independently instead of importing charcoal or deforestation. 

Instead of waiting your turn at a public gas grill and contributing to plastic wasting, choose from the large assortment of natural gas outdoor grills that will fit perfectly in your personal outdoor area.  A built-in gas grill is a fine option but a mobile one will allow you to move it whenever you have an event, making it the centre of attention as it deserves. After all, food makes people come together.  

Outdoor Lighting  

Lighting is a hallmark of modernity, development and safety. It gives us the choice as to where, when and how long we can do whatever we want to. In addition, outdoor lighting canmake or break an area.  

On the other hand, adding to the light pollution we are ruining the sight of the night sky, one of the biggest perks of outdoor living. Lighting has other direct effects on health, culture, safety and ecology and indirect effects on economics and carbon emission. To minimise the harmful effects of light pollution, lighting should only be on when needed, in the area that needs it. Don’t make it brighter than necessary and try to minimize blue light emissions.

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Choose from fully shielded (pointing downward), fully cut off decorative fixtures, wall mount or wall pack shielded fixtures, fully shielded bam light or properly aimed floodlight. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) recommends only warm light sources for outdoor lighting like LPS, HPS and low-colour-temperature LEDs. 

You can even get a real-time lighting system and turn your garden into a smart one. Operated via a remote or set at a particular and preferred time of the day by yourself truly, it will enable you to have a perfect view of your home landscape even when you are out of daylight. 

Umbrella or Canopy 

More than 13,000 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma and almost 980,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are treated every year. Skin cancer is mostly preventable and there is a way you can stay outdoors for as much as you like without causing it.  

Outdoor Canopy
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Choose an umbrella or canopy that’s wind, rust and UV resistant and most importantly, adjustable.  Space-saving umrbellas without a base or pole exist. You can easily manoeuvre them by hand in a full 360° rotation and provide maximum shade wherever you want it, where you want it. When made out of 100% polyolefin water repellent material, a canopy can be the lifesaver of your outdoor event in all weather conditions.   

Lounge Sets 

When you’re buying outdoor lounge settings, it’s important to think of more than just aesthetics and comfort. You need to ask yourself what type of outdoor furniture is most durable, making youroutdoor lounge settingcosy and functionalall year round

Depending on the climate, temperature and humidity where you’re located, choose materials that won’t crack, fade or easily rust and mould. The best materials for outdoor furniture are wood, metal, stainless steel, resin and plastic. But no matter its durability, it’s always smart to cover your outdoor furniture, especially during the winter.

Wood is a naturally beautiful and traditional material, making any piece of outdoor furniture feel homier. Even so, wood requires a protective refinish and maintenance at least every two years in order to maintain the colour.  

Outdoor Lounge Set
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As a light-weight and durable metal, aluminium is the most common type of outdoor furniture frame material which is the least expensive, making it perfect for outdoor furniture. 

Stainless steel offers modernity along with resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Its durability for 20+ years makes it an excellent choice for any furniture or equipment in your outdoor area.  

Bar Fridge 

Like a bird in its nest, you just settled in your favourite spot in your outdoor area. Everything is set and then you remembered that you forgot to chill your wine.

Everyone is jugging down beer at your outdoor grill party and you keep running back and forth, making sure the meat is not burned while everyone has a drink in their hand.  

Ourdoor Bar Fridge
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With an outdoor bar fridge, you can keep the beverages within reach. A glass door has more appeal to the fridge’s contents and being see-through, you can always tell if it needs refilling.  

A compressor refrigerator with a stainless-steel exterior and interior is not only resistant and practical but will also complement your outdoor area and turn it into an entertaining one, whenever you please. They can be a part of professional modules that are easy to install and can turn your backyard into a luxurious outdoor cooking area.