3D Printing: What Makes It Fascinating?

We live in a world run by technology, and we often think what the future would look like. Well, thanks to 3D printing we no longer have to imagine it: the future is already here! Forget about 2D paper prints, now we have solid objects printed out, as amazing as it sounds.

While it certainly isn’t a recent discovery, as it’s been around for years, with the concept of stereolithography specifically originating in the 80s, it’s turning into more of a trend due to becoming accessible (read affordable) for the masses.

Modern 3d printers work wonders even though their work isn’t that different from that of inkjets, as they create with the help of the mechanical head, but what’s even more modern is the concept of the wireless 3d printer.

This type of printer isn’t just known for its wi-fi module, enabling the ease of connecting and sending files, but also for the remarkable accuracy. You also have the possibility to monitor the progress of the print with the built-in camera. How cool is that?!

Another characteristic that makes the wireless 3d printer stand out is the upgraded cooling system it has, making part cooling improved resulting in more consistency with the product, as well as the chance to pause with the printing automatically when the filament is out, and do the refill.

Why are we so in love with the concept of 3D printing? The answer, that goes for most, is the fact it’s pushed boundaries of technology to the point of allowing us to use countless materials, and create countless products, making the sky the limit to our imagination.

It’s now possible to print using not only plastic but metals, concrete, ceramics, and even chocolate as the filament. What this means is 3D printing works for everyone, no matter the product, or industry.

The fact there is less waste during 3D production makes it acceptable for everyone, including the environmentally-conscious. There’s also less of a chance for mistakes to happen throughout the printing process. This is especially helpful with industrial manufacture, cutting down a lot of costs that mistakes lead to.

That’s why car industries, architects, and fashion designers have largely come to rely on this ingenious concept. In other words, 3D printing opens a great deal of opportunities for entrepreneurs and this is why it makes such an incredible investment. Even those who buy them for home use can end up starting up their own companies!