World’s Biggest 5 Construction Equipment Manufacturers Still On The Top

According to the international construction magazine ‘Yellow Table’, the 2013 ranking report, about the top construction equipment manufacturers, shows concerns regarding the ups and downs of the industry sales. In 2013, all world-known construction equipment manufactures experienced a 10% decrease in their sales. However, despite the overall downfall in sales, year after year same brands are still at the top. For example, Caterpillar continues to be the No.1 construction equipment manufacturer, followed by Komatsu. In fact, these two manufacturers were responsible for about 30% of total sales of construction equipment in 2013.


Here’s a list of the top 5 manufacturers:

1. Caterpillar (U.S.) ranked #1 – Even with considerable revenue decrease, this well-known American manufacturer strongly keeps its number one position on the market. The sales of earth-moving equipment, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, scrappers, shovels and crawler dozers, contributed the company to retain the number one spot. However, the mining equipment sector suffered a worldwide sale decrease. The good news came from America, where Caterpillar managed to increase slightly its sales.

2. Komatsu (Japan) ranked #2 – Last year, Komatsu was one of the lucky winners with increased sales of around 2,3% . Even though the Japanese economy suffered recession and stagnation, Komatsu managed to achieve positive results by expanding its export to other regional markets.

3. Hitachi Construction Machinery (Japan) ranked #3 – Hitachi and Volvo Construction Equipment year after year change their positions, but the last year, Hitachi managed to be better than Volvo Construction Equipment. The reason for this is the same formula that helped Komatsu to keep its position on the market- bigger export to other countries around the world. The increased demand for its hydraulic excavators in China, also helped a lot.

4. Volvo Construction Equipment (Sweden) ranked #4 – A strategy launched in 2012 focused on “increasing the probability and market share of road equipment” helped this Swedish company to earn the number 4 position. The acquisition of Terex Corporation was part of this strategy. This acquisition added five models of rigid haulers and three articulated haulers to Volvo Construction Equipment line.

5. Liebherr (Germany) ranked #5 – Despite the slight revenue and sales fall (specially for earth-moving, mobile cranes and tower crane sales), Liebherr managed to be part of the big “five”. Liebherr has big plans fro 2014 and 2015. The company is planning to increase its market share for 4,6% though investments in logistics, expansion and addition of new hydraulic equipment.