Why the Pelican Storm Case Should be Taking the World by Storm

Transporting sensitive equipment such as cameras, laptops, drones, mixers, and so on, can be very risky without a proper container. Whether your equipment needs to go through airport luggage or you are working on rough terrains, it is so easy to get damaged. One careless bump may end up costing you thousands of dollars and you can avoid that simply by investing in a hard case that can withstand all sorts of abuse and provide proper protection to your vital and valuable equipment, but is also compact, light-weight, and easy to carry.


Anyway, let me introduce you to the safest transport environment for your equipment available on the market today – the Pelican Storm case. These cases are seamlessly constructed using rotational molding technology and top-grade polymers to provide a durable, watertight, light-weight shell that is resistant to dents, high levels of impact and it is nearly indestructible. Pelican Storm cases come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, they can be padded, non padded, with or without dividers, and so on, which means that you will definitely find the one that fits your equipment.

So, what makes the Pelican Storm case so special? For starters, the cases are made out of polypropylene copolymer material (a special kind of plastic for us regular mortals) which is light-weight, durable, and highly resistant to chemicals. This material can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 up to 98 degrees Celsius. Polypropylene is very chemically inert, which means that very little can attack the material and it doesn’t contain any hazardous substances. The cases are also water resistant and feature a pressure equalization valve with an o-ring and a membrane that keep the water out of the case. The way the valve works is actually very simple. The micro-porous membrane allows free passage of gasses and vapours while repelling dust, dirt, and water. Having recessed latches, hinges, and handles, prevents them from being sheared off during transport.

The thing I like the most about the Pelican Storm case is the variety of custom options that are available. You can accessorize it with different hardware and features to meet your specific needs. Things such as custom padding, wheels and handles for easy transport, colour, size, and so on.

Overall Pelican Storm cases are reliable, tough, watertight, and they are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. In fact, the company’s guarantee is very simple: “you break it, we replace it” which basically means that if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason they will replace it or refund your money.