Which Is The Best Permanent Hair Straightening Option


Nothing can be more tiring than trying to look beautiful all the time. Especially when it comes to styling your hair and spending hours trying to make it perfect. Every woman has own hair problems, but none are as tiring as straightening curly hair. And with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Julianne Moore, Beyonce and many others, who flaunt straight silky hair on red carpet, permanent hair straightening is becoming increasingly popular. There are many ways to straighten hair, but most popular and commonly used are: chemical relaxers, Brazilian keratin treatments and Japanese thermal reconditioning.

Chemical relaxers are quite popular within the black community because of their fine curls. This treatment causes breakage of the chemical bonds within hair and lasts less than two months. Chemical cream is applied to the hair and is left on for half an hour or more. Because of the strong chemical products used, this permanent hair straightening can cause severe damage to thinning hair and is not recommended for women who have hair loss problem. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is another permanent hair straightening solution. It can be performed on any type of hair, even the chemically-treated one because it uses keratin. Liquid keratin is applied to hair and sealed with heat iron. This treatment lasts less than 6 months and does not damage hair, which is why many women with thinning hair do it.

However, the most popular permanent hair strengthening treatment is the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning. Special chemical mixture breaks the bonds in hair and makes it straight. After chemical application, washing and flat iron follow to achieve desired look. Hair should not be washed or styled for three days after undergoing this treatment. If done correctly, no curling iron can revive natural curls. Although it takes more than five hours to to complete this permanent hair straightening treatment, many opt for it as it has proven to be the most effective solution for curly hair. Also, it can last up to six months or more, depending on your hair. The difference between Japanese and other permanent hair strengthening treatments is that Japanese reconditioning permanently breaks the bonds in hair, while other methods do not which is why, with time hair returns to original style.