What Does Rose Wine Taste Like

Among such a great offer of white and red wines on the market (different styles and regions), rose wines are surely the last choice of many. Many of us do not know that Rose wines are actually the perfect middle; when a white wine is not enough and a red wine is just too strong, Rose is the ideal solution.

Rose wines are produced with specific methods and they are not suitable for aging in the bottle because they do not have enough preservative substances, have low percentage of acidity and contain a lot of tannin. Rose wines should be consumed when young as they can give fresh, fruity and delicious taste that cannot be found in any other type of wine.


Rose Wine Colour

Defining the right colour of Rose wines can be hard as their colour is determined by many factors, but mainly by the making technique and the types of grapes used. Its colours can range from light pale pink to light red, with a number of nuances in between. A quality Rose wine should always have pink colour, with no apparent nuances. Brown colours or nuances are considered as a negative factor and as a sign of oxidization or excessive aging.

The Wine Making Process of Rose

The wine is made from red grapes that are in contact with the skin during the fermentation process, but only for a while (around few hours or a day). Depending on the length of maceration time, the clear juice remains in contact with the dark skin of the grapes, so the colour can range from a pale pink to a brilliant ruby red colour.

Other common method of making Rose wine is the saignée method, which involves “bleeding off” a small amount of the juice during the production of red wine. That is why this type of Rose wine is more concentrated. However, Rose can also be made by blending white and red wine, but it is the least used method.

What Does Rose Wine Taste Like?

The Rose wine taste ranges depending on the type of grape, just as is the case with both white and red wines. Each year, more and more producers make Rose from different types of grapes, in different growing regions worldwide, which is the main cause for the different Rose wine taste. The usual mixed types of grapes are: Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Zinfandel. In general, Rose is fresh on the mouth with crisp acidity and can be dry or sweet. The most common flavours of Rose are ripe strawberry, raspberry and watermelon. It is best when served chilled.

Does Rose Wine Gets Better With Age?

Generally speaking, Rose wine is designed to be consumed when young. So, enjoy the current vintage with anything grilled, Mexican food or Mediterranean cuisine.