Vet Bed: Versatile Solution That Suits Most Homes and Situations

As a huge animal lover, the moment I got my first puppy was just so overwhelming. It was a gift from my parents and since I was a little girl who was growing up with a bunch of dogs and cats that wandered in the neighbourhood and my mother used to feed occasionally, I had no fear from them but only immense love to give them. So when Togo (that’s his name) came into my life, I was so grateful for having such a lovely source of joy and happiness that I literally had a few tears in my eyes. Of course, I had to get everything ready for my little Togo, so me and mum sat down and did a short research on the first and most important thing you need when you have a puppy in your home: a nice, cozy, place for sleeping.

Vet Bed Logo

There are countless of options on the market to serve as a bed for dogs. There are actual dog beds, some DIY projects you can do, and then there is this unbelievably convenient vet bed that serves more than just one purpose: it can be used as a bed for your puppy, and for wrapping him when you’re taking it to the vet so he feels all comfy, warm and calm before receiving the treatment.

The vet bed is also known as veterinary bedding and is an amazing alternative to the otherwise boring traditional bed for dogs. I wanted something new and unusual, so I went with this one. It comes packed in a long roll and a simple shape, which allows you to cut it if it’s too long and even shape it if you want to. It’s completely replaceable obviously, so when it’s all worn and old you can just get a new one.

Vet Bed Dog

It’s important to choose the right material as there is a choice here. You can get a vet bed made of double-strength polyester or one backed by rubber. The important thing to remember is that a good bed of this kind should have quality drainage properties and air circulation so you don’t worry over the bedding being all wet and your puppy uncomfortable. Also, a vet bedding is designed to warm the pet laying in it and as such it would be especially good when your little one starts to grow and his ankles and joints aren’t as flexible as they used to be and they need more rest and warmth.

Finally, there’s the convenience of being able to carry this bedding with you when you need it. It’s a portable option, so it won’t be any problem when you need to transport your puppy or take it with you on the road. All types are mainly machine-washable, so even if your puppy has a small “accident” on the way, you can always clean it and use it again.

All in all, if you ask me, I’d definitely recommend you get a vet bed. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, good design and practicality in one.