Unique Gift Ideas for the Military Person in Your Life

Picking out a gift for a military person can be a daunting task. It’s not easy to choose a gift for a military member as we all know their sacrifice for our communities and country is priceless. These people deserve some amazing gifts indeed, but it’s more important to always show them how proud we are to have them in our lives every day, on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, not only when the holiday season comes.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who is joining the military or is a veteran now, you can find a wide range of military gifts for any stage of his or her career. To help you narrow down your choices, here are a few ideas that may help you select a gift that meets both style and needs of a military person.

Unique Gift Ideas

Ceremonial Sword

A ceremonial sword can be used as a beautiful addition to the uniform, as collectable or memorabilia or as a unique Christmas or birthday gift for the military member on your list. Some of the highly recommended options are manufactured in stainless steel or high carbon steel and there is a huge selection of swords to choose from, including army and air force ceremonial swords for current servicemen and women or veterans.

Hundreds of years of military history are captured in these swords, making them unique and precious items for military people. You can find a ceremonial sword with excellent quality, made to the exact specifications of the Australian Defence Forces.
military ceremonial sword soldiers

Additionally, you can choose from a range of accessories to complement the sword, from stands and scabbards to knots. While the sword you select may come with a matching scabbard, you can get a replacement scabbard as well and add to the uniqueness of your gift.

Knots are decorative and essential military sword accessories, evolving from centuries ago when they were used to prevent loss of the swordsman’s blade in a battle. Belts and slings are great for parade wear, while frogs are essential for wearing the sword for ceremonial purposes. Sword bags are great for protecting the sword when stored or transported. And finally, you’ll need a stand to display the military sword and scabbard.

If you want to add some charm to your gift choice, you may consider miniature ceremonial military swords as perfect companions for the standard-sized swords or as a gift on their own. They are the best presentation gift you can find out there as they retain every detail of the full-sized versions and are manufactured to the same standards and components. Also, you can find miniature sword stands, designed specifically for the miniature ceremonial swords and scabbards.

Military Ring

Wearing a ring signifies an important commitment and when it comes to military rings, they are often worn to build solidarity with other soldiers and commemorating a military career. Their designs honour the military service and these days you can find styles for both people who like traditional styles and those who prefer cutting edge fashion.
military signet ring

Giving a military ring to a special military member in your life, whether active duty or a veteran, is a nice way of showing gratitude and support for their service. You can find sterling silver or white, yellow or rose gold military rings, with the Army logo engraved, or an Army unit, branch and crest. It’s certainly a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. It can be worn with a uniform, but also to both formal and informal gatherings.

Wrist Watch

Everybody loves a good watch, but when it comes to the army, it’s more than just an accessory. Being on time is very important in the military, so choosing a durable and hardy watch can help them keep track with time wherever they might be. You can choose from a variety of wristwatches styles and select the one that’s perfectly suited for your military person.
army watch

Ranger Up Apparel

There is a huge selection of uniform accessories and hats, beanies, berets, hoodies, shorts, pants, shirts and jackets you can choose from, whether you’re looking for apparel for a member of the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy or the Air Force.

Military Coin Display Case

An interesting thing about military members is that many of them collect coins. During their time in the military, they receive challenge coins for various accomplishments. The collection can grow quickly, so getting them a military coin display case may be a great gift idea. It can be placed on a shelf or table at their home or in the office, showcasing a beautiful and meaningful coin collection.
Military Coin Display Case

Assignment/Deployment Map

Military members can be stationed all over the world and an assignment or deployment map can help them commemorate a successful military career and be proud of it.

Flag Display Case

A flag display case is most commonly a gift choice for veterans, military retirees or those about to retire. It may be considered a classic and traditional gift, but still, it’s a beautiful way to display the flag and honour their service.

A framed military photo is a nice addition to it, with a sentimental value. It can help them keep a precious memory of the military time throughout their retirement days.