Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is widely known as a very natural and pure remedy. Being darker and having richer taste than other types of honey, it is a very unique and sometimes hard to find miracle of nature. In this article, we will ponder upon the most important aspects of Manuka honey that will enable you to gain more knowledge about how to find and recognize this amazing food that has both antibacterial and antioxidant benefits.


  • The above mentioned aspects of Manuka honey are the reason why it has also gained the epithet “active Manuka”.
  • The most important thing you need to detect in this kind of honey is the level of the non-peroxide activity (NPA) that goes hand in hand with the enzymes present within Manuka. Make sure to always carefully read the labels before making the purchase. If the honey you are about to buy is a real deal, it should state that there is no NPA present. Reputable brands are able to provide the most reliable evidence for this and the lack or presence of NPA has previously been tested in a lab or by another kind of third party.
  • If given the option to choose between a lighter and a darker Manuka honey, always opt for the slightly lighter one, because it means that it has not been heated for the purpose of increasing its activity in an unnatural manner.
  • So far, researches regarding the positive effect this honey has on the human body, have proven its positive impact with great certainty. However, the details around how it really works to benefit our health are still somewhat unclear. Manuka can be consumed on a daily basis, especially if you want to give your immune system a boost. It also heals skin irritations and infections.
  • Due to this honey’s ability to fight bacteria, its potential for killing them is also measured in the manner that a measure of 12+ accounts for a 12% solution of phenolic acid. Yet another way of measuring Manuka’s strength and potential, especially when it comes to its antiseptic effects, is to designate how much methylglyoxal it contains. According to experts, this exact compound is the very one that is responsible for the NPA.


Except for the above mentioned antibacterial and antiseptic aspects of Manuka honey, it is also highly nutritional and it is a great natural addition for anyone who looks to enhance the overall condition of their health. For that purpose, it is recommendable to daily consume a spoonful of this natural super-food.