Types of Letterboxes and Their Features

letterbox-onlineEven though email and Facebook have become the primary choices for written communication, good old traditional door mail is far from gone. Every morning I get that rush when checking what I received in the mail, and that feeling intensifies when holidays arrive with the pile of postcards with sincere wishes I get from friends and loved ones. There’s no better feeling than that and I believe you’d agree with me when I say traditional mail is here to stay for good. Who doesn’t like the joy receiving mail brings?

The way we receive mail hasn’t changed that much over the years; it still involves the postman delivering our letters and placing them in the box in front of our homes yet there’s one thing that’s been subjected to alterations – the letterbox. Today’s letterboxes come in a number of looks and designs, making them the home feature that has a say in aesthetics as they are made from top-notch materials, made to withstand the weather conditions without undergoing corrosion, and we have the possibility of further personalising them by painting, oiling or staining them to match our homes, as well as engraving them. If you were to browse for a letterbox online you’d come across the following types.

Door Installed

With this box you know you are getting the mail delivered directly into your home (if the postman bothers to walk to your front door, that is). If you’re considering to buy this type of letterbox, think first how it’s going to alter the whole look of your front door. A traditional wooden door would go perfectly well with a brass box whereas a modern-styled door you would need something sleek in the likes of a clean plastic or brushed steel letterbox. If you have small children or pets this type of letterbox isn’t exactly a good choice because it makes the mail easy for them to reach, tear it apart or misplace it.

Wall Mounted

If you don’t want to disturb the precious look of your front door, a wall mounted box is the choice for you. You can attach it on the wall next to the door or any other wall of the house for that matter that might be more convenient for a postman to get to.

Flush Mounted

If you are a fan of minimalism and smooth lines you are going to fall in love with this letterbox. This is essentially a wall mounted letterbox, but with a flush finish allowing it to completely sink into a wall cavity. Sometimes these boxes can end up unnoticed by a postman, meaning there’s a chance you’d end up with piles of mail on the floor. To avoid this, make sure you put a large tag that prominently displays your name and address on it.

Fence Mounted

If you have a dog that doesn’t let the postman in the yard, or perhaps you just don’t want anyone getting onto your property, a fence mounted letterbox is the right choice. This letterbox should be made to the specifications of an already existing fence, and therefore you need to consult the manufacturer of you desired letterbox online.

Post Mounted

The post-mounted, also known as curbside, letterbox is the one that normally comes to mind when one thinks of a letterbox as it’s the most common type. Usually far from the door and outside the yard fence, these letterboxes are prone to damage caused by vandalism. However, their upside is that if you get your mail delivered by a truck, this letterbox makes it more convenient and fast for postmen. Postmen on long routes sometimes won’t bother to walk directly to your door and will just toss the mail in your yard where it could end up lost.