Top Ways to Wear Kaftans – How to Style Them for Different Occasions?

Summers in our gorgeous Australia can be scorching hot and unbearable. The mere thought of having to wear pants and a button-up shirt for work makes me sweat and dreading the day ahead. Even wearing a skirt and a tee can feel oppressive in the summer heat. The solution? Women kaftans! Why? Because they’re everything a woman has ever dreamed of when it comes to finding the ideal balance between being comfy and looking stylish. Here are some tips on how to wear womens kaftan this summer.

kaftan style

First Things First – What is Kaftan Style?

Kaftan style consists of long, loose dresses that are similar to a tunic. Available in a variety of fabrics, lengths and patterns, these dresses can range from simple to elaborate, sometimes including buttons, zippers, ribbons, sashes, belts or embroidery for more detail. They usually come in vibrant, eye-catching colours, making them great for making fun, colourful fashion statements.

Aside from being on-trend, womens kaftan dress style is unbelievably comfortable. The dresses are generally made from breathable, flowy fabrics and are designed for women of all ages. Kaftans are also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re a millennial or a middle-aged mom, they cover enough of your body to be flattering regardless of your body type, while their vibrant colours allow you to express yourself creatively and stand out from the crowd. In fact, many fashions experts make the case for kaftan as the “IT” item for summer. So feel free to wear one with confidence to barbeques, happy hours, beach luaus and even to work.

How to Wear Kaftan Dresses

For Formal or Casual Occasions

Kaftans look great on all women and are a great ally to help hide any parts of the body you don’t want to be accentuated. For example, a kaftan with long sleeves and a low V-neck can help women with a bigger bust to get an incredibly flattering line. Women who are into boho-chic can pop on a pair of flat sandals, add a soft shoulder handbag, and a pair of big sunglasses to get the ultimate boho-chic look. This combination can be worn to the beach or to casual summer parties on weekends.

kaftan for formal occasions

To make your kaftan more appropriate for formal occasions, opt for a more fitted design and choose a piece made of silk or another luxurious fabric. For extra allure, consider a model made from layers of sheer fabric. When it comes to what to wear under a see through kaftan, fashion experts suggest wearing a uniform colour. For example, if you are pairing a kaftan with white pants, you should also wear a white cami. Wearing a contrasting top and bottom with a sheer kaftan will create a line of contrast between the two pieces, which would cut your body in half and the overall effect might not be what you were looking for. Pair it with jewellery to dress it up for more formal instances. Jewelled sandals with heels will add a luxurious touch to the outfit and help you make a chic statement.

On the Beach

This is a popular way of wearing a kaftan these days. You can use it as a coverup on the beach and instantly take your beachwear to a higher level. Considering the fact that it’s not a fitted garment, you can wear it and stay cool while dipping your feet in the water. For the ultimate cool and comfy feel, choose a piece that’s made of cotton. As for those women who are a bit self-conscious about their body in swimwear, a kaftan will help them cover up and show just as much skin as they feel comfortable with while remaining cool. Pair it with a stylish pair of sandals and eyeglasses, and you are beach-ready. To spice things up, you can add a belt to your caftan.

kaftan for beach

With the Right Shoes

A pair of nude heels look amazing when paired with a printed kaftan. However, you can wear these pieces with whatever kind of shoe you want, from wedge sandals to a pair of ladies high heels, depending on the look you want to create. Still, it’s not wise to wear a silk kaftan with wedges or a cotton one with luxurious silver heels. Create the ultimate casual summer look by pairing a monochrome kaftan with worn-out denim and a pair of white sneakers.

With the Right Accessories

Elegant pieces of jewellery can help make you look more sophisticated in your kaftan. Of course, if the model you have already has shiny embellishments, you better avoid overdoing it with jewellery that makes a loud statement, such as heavy, long neckpieces or earrings. Instead, choose a chic watch, belt, ring, or small pearl earrings (that look great regardless of the occasion you wear them for) as your safe and stylish choice. However, if your kaftan is plain with no fancy prints, you can upgrade your look with a sleek necklace and/or a subtle bracelet.

different type of kaftans

Which Length of Kaftan to Choose?

Nowadays you can find both short and long versions of kaftans. A medium-length, printed model is a great choice for a day in the office, especially when paired with leggings. A short kaftan makes an excellent choice for a casual outing. Team it up with a pair of shorts or slim-fit jeans. Wear a long kaftan for a more formal event, such as a beach wedding or a cocktail party.