Top Ways to Be a More Playful and Fun Parent

In a world full of stress and loads of work, one should still strive to be a careful and playful parent. This is one of the greatest pieces of advice parents receive from paediatricians and child psychologists. Today’s parents are so busy with their life and work, and quite often forget that children need them badly. Although they might seem satisfied when playing on the phone, children are in constant need of the love of their parents, their attention and their presence as well. But I am not only referring to the physical aspect, but also the psychological one. Children need to see that their parents care for them and listen to them, and the ideal way to do that is through fun everyday activities.


Spending quality family time matters and what easier way to create that than by playing with your children? Dedicate at least 15 minutes per day after work to play with your kids and you’ll surely see a difference in their overall behaviour. When grown-up, children will remember the games and rituals you have had with them and not the games of fun videos they have watched on the phone. When it comes to creating some kind of a family thing (tradition), specialists recommend having at least one family game night every week (if possible). If your children are a bit older, let them choose a game or two from the many kids educational toys and start creating memories. Jigsaw, puzzles, magic trick games, Jenga, strategy and adventure games are some of the many kids educational toys to choose from, and each of these has the potential to turn an ordinary night at home into an extraordinary one.


Speaking from another point of view, you as a parent can have a peace of mind that you are doing a great job raising compassionate and happy kids. Being a happy and satisfied kid can help him/her to learn how to better deal with the problems in real life later on. It is precisely parents and in the early years of development when they ought to help their children become more joyful humans by playing with them and simply and loving them. Parents should not let the everyday busy work-life consume them, so when at home they should make the effort and spend more time with their kids. Of course, children also need to play alone and learn how to be more independent, but once in a while, parents can play with them which can help them get away from the worries they might have while being awesome parents.

Reading books together every day is also a great way to show your kids how much you care for them. Doctors recommend starting this routine from the youngest age as babies love listening to the voices of their parents. It helps comfort them and make them feel safe.

Now, speaking from another point of view, you can be the fun parent even in certain not so pleasant situations. For example, you don’t have to yell at your kid every time he/she uses crying to get something or when your kids are fighting. Child psychologists have shown that play can work wonders when it comes to getting rid of the tension and help in forming strong bond with your children. So, next time you all feel stressed out or are in a rush, instead of shouting at your kids or punishing them, try some of these effective methods.


The Morning Rush Routine

Parents are all aware of how impossible it can be to leave the house in the morning happy and smiling with kids (parents too). Although it seems like the worst time of the day for games, psychologists claim that kids are much more cooperative when they feel connected with their parents. For example, while getting your kid dressed, you can pretend that his/her shirt should go on his/her feet and watch how quickly he/she will correct you. Kids love to be right, so with a game like this, without the need of using kids educational toys, they’ll dress up quickly without whining about something. Try it, who knows, it might work for you as well. (wink)

Sibling Fight

I am sure that a great number of parents will agree on this that sibling fights can drive a parent crazy as kids usually end up screaming at each other, fighting physically or crying hysterically. Well, instead of shouting at them or hiding that one special one from they are fighting over, break up the tension by grabbing the toy and running. Say: ‘No one can get it away from me! Even if you work together, I’m stronger than you!’ Children love teasing, so they won’t be able to resist this and they’ll start cooperating to get it away from you. This trick works almost always, so you should give it a try next time things between your kids get intense.


Whining about Everything

Smaller children have the tendency to cry almost about everything, so instead of giving them a lecture by shouting at them, try to break the tension with something else. When your kid is crying, you can for instance pretend to flip a switch to mute them or tune the volume down. Do this playfully and gently on the kid’s back. This kind of play will make your kid laugh and he/she might try to do the same thing to you.

Toy Cleanup

We all know how kids love making up excuses as to avoid cleaning their room. Well, instead of threatening them with throwing away all of their favourite kids educational toys, make toy cleaning a fun game. For example, sit with them and pretend that your hands are a vacuum cleaner and say that your vacuum is the strongest and fastest one. You’ll see how the game changes and the toys will be in their place in no time. (chuckles)


Bedtime Routine

Toddlers are well known to be very skilled to get on their parent’s nerves when it comes to bedtime. They will either start running or asking for another sip of water, and then another one, and another one, and… the circle never stops. But that’s not all, since I am sure you are familiar with: I need to pee, give me a hug, give me a goodnight kiss one last time, and the list goes on. Kids tend to make up a lot of things to avoid bedtime. So, instead of losing your temper and slamming the door or raising your voice as much as you can, you can start a relaxing sleeping routine. For example, take his/her favourite book and start reading it to him/her and stop a few times to discuss certain things together. This connection and calm atmosphere can surely work in your favour, helping your kid fall asleep faster. If smaller, you can lull him/her at a relaxed pace and start talking about something you know he/she finds interesting. Thinking about something beautiful and positive before going to sleep has proven to be beneficial for kids, helping them have a calmer sleep.