Top Reasons to Buy Annex Matting for Your Next Camping Trip

Caravan annex flooring is every avid camper’s best friend, as it provides a wide range of benefits when enjoying the great outdoors. This type of flooring will complete your outdoor camping setup as you settle in your desired spot, allowing you to make the most out of your caravanning trip. Using annex matting reduces the chances of tracking dirt inside your caravan, acts as a comfortable underfoot when spending time outside and provides easier dispersion of dirt and water, etc.

Coast caravan annex matting

There are many different types of annex matting available on the market, so choosing the right one that meets your specific requirements requires some careful consideration. Besides getting the right size that will cover the area of your annex, you also need to consider the type of surface on which it will lie. In most caravan parks, that’s grass. If that’s the case, you’ll need an annex matting that doesn’t damage the grass. Some people opt for more affordable matting to save money, and while those products can be decent for comfort purposes, they might not be as practical.

Some campers will opt for the cheaper alternative of using shade-cloth materials. However, although the lower price might make them seem an attractive option, there have quite a few downsides. For instance, shade-cloth purchased by the metre won’t be reinforced properly around the edges, making it more susceptible to tearing and fraying. Depending on the materials used in the manufacturing of the caravan matting, you may have to use eyelets to peg the mat down and keep it in place. Sticking pegs through a shade-cloth will compromise its ability to stay intact.

CGear annex matting caravan

Additionally, shade-cloth is usually designed to keep the sun away from you, which means the weave will be much tighter than a typical annex mat. That being said, dirt will have a harder time dispersing through the weave and the grass below it will be ruined. Furthermore, water won’t be as easily dispersed, as it’s generally made from woven fibreglass, making it slippery and dangerous to walk on when wet. There are a few annex mats on the market from reputable manufacturers that you might want to keep an eye on. Here are three of the most popular ones.

Outback Explorer Meshed Caravan Matting

Outback Explorer Meshed Caravan Matting

This matting is made from a tight-weave, breathable fabric, making it a great ground covering when you want something that’s comfortable and durable. It’s specifically designed to prevent debris and dirt from coming up the mat, and it allows the grass underneath to breathe. Furthermore, it also doesn’t allow dirt to go down, and all you’ll have to do is sweep it if it gets dirty or sandy. The mesh material is UV-stabilised and rot-proof, and the edges are hemmed for extra durability. At the end of your camping trip, hose it down or shake it up to get it looking brand new.

Camec Caravan Matting

cames annex matting

This matting is similar to the outback explorer meshed matting. It features tight-weaved, heavy-duty fabrics that don’t bunch up. It comes in a bright shade of green, making it a neutral shade to match most caravans. The fabric is breathable, allowing grass to thrive underneath it, but it will still prevent larger pebbles, dirt particles and insects from passing through. It’s a hard-wearing matting that’s UV-stabilised and rot-proof. Just like the outback explorer, all you have to do is hose it down and shake it up after use to keep it in pristine condition.

Enduromat Caravan Matting

enduromat mate annex matting

This is a top-of-the-line mat and it comes at a higher price. It’s Australia-manufactured, and it’s made to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian outdoors. It’s made from PVC-welded fibre, so it has a smooth feel, looks great, and it fosters the growth of grass in high-traffic areas. Its smooth surface and small weave make it easy to sweep, but it can also get a bit slippery. It’s also one of the only annex mats that are fire-retardant. Lastly, you can fold it up in a small bundle, something that you can’t do with most other mats.

That being said, caravan mats are a practical and environmentally-friendly flooring solution. Most of them can be used in a wide range of applications, such as picnics, camping, caravanning and outdoor events. There are many different models available online that come in a variety of sizes, colours and materials to suit most needs.

These pieces of outdoor equipment, alongside caravan awnings, are a worthy long-term investment that should be highly considered. They won’t break your bank, yet will provide a lot of benefits and value to your trip – expanding your outdoor space and ensuring your caravan is dirt-free.