Top Essentials to Pack in Your Newborn Baby Hospital Bag

There is no greater joy than waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive. The excitement of designing the nursery, deciding on the pram and choosing the baby essentials cannot be described, but only felt. As the due date approaches, the excitement and anticipation only grows bigger, which is why a lot of new mums forget to pack everything in their hospital bag.


What to Pack for Newborn Hospital Bag?

While in the hospital your baby won’t need much, except for warmth, nutrients and YOU. During the first days of life, all they are going to do is sleep and eat. However, there are some things that you and your baby might find useful to have at hand.

Hat & Socks

Your new bundle of joy deserves only the best. And when it comes to keeping him/her warm and cosy while protecting his/her skin, having a hat and a pair of socks in a hospital bag essentials for baby next to you is always a good idea. You can take things up a notch by choosing organic cotton beanie and socks. Since organic cotton is a breathable, pleasant, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic type of material, you can rest assured that your little one will be well-protected. At the end of the day, babies come to this world unprotected, so making them feel comfy while giving them all your love and protection is paramount. They deserve only the best, and this is one of the ways to provide them with that!


Blankets & Swaddles

Although there will be blankets in the hospital, the chances of them getting dirty and not being as soft as you want are huge. Plus, the ones you choose would have the needed softness and cottony feel, just like you want them to have. Except for using it while at the hospital, a blanket of your own can also come in handy when leaving the hospital. Regarding the material, bamboo is the leading one when it comes to softness and quality. Except for this, a bamboo baby blanket is a type that is quite durable, resistant to shrinking and comfortable. It has thermo-insulating properties which means that it will keep your little one warm when the weather is colder and cool when the weather is warmer. Except for this, a bamboo baby blanket can also has anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic properties.

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are another essential you should pack in the bag. These small rectangular pieces of cotton/bamboo can help you keep you and your baby’s clothes nice and clean. During the first few months babies can spit up a lot, so these cloths can come in handy and a lot.


Diapers & Nappy Cream

Regardless of the brand of diapers or nappy cream you choose, having them packed in the hospital bag is a must. Eco-friendly diapers should be the first choice since the baby’s skin is quite sensitive and gentle. When it comes to choosing the right nappy cream, chamomile and calendula should be first on your list. They have a calming effect and can soothe irritated and inflamed skin in no time.

Clothes to Wear on Your Way Home

The last but not least type of hospital bag essentials for baby are the baby’s clothes. Your baby is going to need something to wear on the way home, so planning wisely is crucial. This outfit is quite special and you’ll remember it forever, so make sure you choose something special. Usually, mums save these things as a keepsake that usually brings them tears of joy as they try to remember that day.

Leaving extra room in the bag for some of your clothes and essentials is also good. This includes room for your slippers, some changing clothes, nursing bras and a bathrobe. Making sure you and your baby have all the things you need when at the hospital can really make things easier.