The Whats and Hows of Water Filters

Water is an essential ingredient that supports the life of all living organisms on our planet Earth. Most of the surface on our planet is covered in water. The human body also consists of 70% water. Our brain is composed of 73% water, our lungs require around 80% water, our skin and all the bodily tissues and muscles need it in order to function at their best.

When we are deprived of water, we develop headaches, our skin gets dry, and we experience many other health issues, such as hard stools, abdominal pain, cramps, etc. Well, we all know that water is important but how many of us know the importance of drinking clean water?

Unfortunately, many people don’t have access to clean drinking water. This can cause the development of some dangerous infectious diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio. Therefore, taking precautionary measures and doing everything in our power to have access to safe drinking water should be our primary concern as species on this planet.

Some of the most common methods that involve the process of purification of water include boiling, filtration, distillation, and chlorination. In this article, I am going to talk specifically about the process of filtration and its many benefits. Before I dive deep into the many benefits of water filtering, let’s first define what this process involves.

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What is Water Filtering?

In many countries drinking tap water is labelled safe, that is because this water has gone through all the processes I’ve mentioned above so the people can have access to clean drinking water. The filtration process, in particular, is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to purify the water we drink.

This method implies the use of a water filter that eliminates impurities from the water such as certain contaminants, bacteria, and heavy metals that may be responsible for the development of many diseases. This process in turn doesn’t deplete the water from all its essential ingredients, such as mineral salts which are important for the human body, making this process healthier compared to others.

Why is Water Filtration Important?

It Improves the Taste and Odour of Tap Water

Water quenches our thirst and there is no better feeling than feeling hydrated after eating a delicious meal or sweating profusely after a heavy workout. We have an innate mechanism to sense whether the water we drink is safe or not. Besides, we are endowed with taste and smell receptors that give us an additional clue of the water taste.

If the water has an undesirable flavour this can result from the inclusion of many bacteria, sulfuric, chlorine, bleach, and metallic elements that may pose danger to people’s health. These, in turn, need to be eliminated so the water will be safe to drink. However, most of the time, some elements don’t have any notable flavours, such as arsenic and nitrates but they can cause major health problems.

Therefore, the tap water usually goes under many tests before its labelled safe to drink for the population of the particular area. The use of water filters has turned out to be immensely important for this process. There are different types of filters used during this process, including absorption filters, mechanical filters, reverse osmosis filters, etc.

The absorption process is usually carried out by the use of a carbon water filter which is very effective in removing some of the water-borne chemicals. This type of water filter is most commonly used because it removes chlorine from the water which improves the water taste. Most common domestic water filters contain granulated activated carbon (GAC) which reduces the unwanted odour and improves the taste by absorption.

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You Can Enjoy Your Hiking Adventure While Drinking Safe Water

Quenching your thirst after a long day of hiking can be rejuvenating and there is no other drink you’d love to drink more besides water in these moments. However, often you may find that you got all your reserves of clean drinking water wasted so you may feel tempted to drink water from any natural source you come across, like rivers or lakes.

For this reason, many hikers and backpackers usually carry with them some type of water filter. This way they make sure they don’t expose themselves to certain contaminants that may pose a risk to their health and prevent them from further enjoying their trip.

You Can Drink Up Enough Water to Improve Your Overall Health

We hear and read about the importance of drinking enough clean water daily. Our body needs water to function at its best. Also, our cells are composed of water and they need this life force so we can feel alive and energized. Yet, how many of us can say are properly hydrated?

So many people have health issues, such as feeling tired and sluggish or experience constipation which is a direct result of not drinking enough water. By increasing your water intake and supplying your body with multiple glasses of water per day you can start to see immediate improvements in your memory, energy levels, and overall health.

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Clean Water Improves the Look of Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. The appearance of our skin usually tells a lot about whether we are hydrated or not. If we are under-hydrated, our skin tends to look dry, dull, and lifeless. Often this can lead to premature aging, as people who don’t drink enough water are known to age much faster than others.

Therefore, to improve the look of your skin you need to make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself nourished and well hydrated. If you are not used to drinking lots of water start by gradually increasing the intake of water and you will see noticeable changes in the look of your skin.

Clean Drinking Water Has Healing Properties

Besides improving the look of your skin, clean drinking water has healing effects. Most often we tend to overload our bodies with unnecessary chemicals as we never do any form of purification. Some people decide to water fast as a way to detoxify their bodies to boost their energy levels.

So many diseases are reported to disappear when this approach is taken, as the cells and all the organs in your body reset, and they start to work and function better than before. However, this approach isn’t recommended for everybody, especially for people who are suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

Filtered Water Is Better for The Environment

There is no bigger and better investment than investing in your health. Therefore, make sure you drink safe, filtered water that is free of any potential chemicals. Besides, filtered water has many environmental benefits. The least you can do is stop buying bottled water and start filtering your water at home. This way we will preserve our environment by throwing away thousands of empty water bottles daily into the oceans that take hundreds of years to decompose.