The Tote Bag Styles You’ll Want to Tote Around All Summer

There’s no doubt that a tote bag is the most useful kind of handbag you’ll carry around in this summer. They are big enough to hold all your summer essentials like sunscreen, an umbrella for those sudden showers, thongs for when you want to go walking on the beach and everything else you might need during the day.

Aside from being large enough, they come in so many shapes, materials and styles, you can find a tote that will go with almost every single one of your outfits. There is literally an endless variety of totes for you to choose from that can go with day time, night time, formal wear, beach wear and so much more. A few below seem to be just perfect when summer rolls around.


  1. The Basic Canvas Tote is an essential item on any fashion list, not just for the summer. This tote is guaranteed to match all of your outfits and it goes with any and every colour. It can look laid back or you can dress it up. This is one of those super versatile bags that can look right at home anywhere, the best place, however, is on the beach or poolside. This is a great bag to bring on vacation with you if you are looking to save space and not have to carry so many different bags with you. The fabric itself is super durable so it will also last you a long time.
  2. The Rubber Tote is a new design and it’s a surprise it hasn’t been around sooner. Could you imagine anything more perfect for the beach? Or if you have little ones with you? The sturdy sides and tip proof the quality of these bags is great. Now you no longer need to worry if your sunscreen is going to ruin your bag or if your juice or water is going to get your bag wet. You can even hose this bag down when you’re done to get rid of the sand and it will be as good as new. Not to mention you can find them in a range of cool colours sure to suit everyone.
  3. The Printed Tote is totally cute especially if you find one with a summery theme, say palm trees? There are so many printed totes out there, I would, however, recommend maybe one with a sturdy, durable fabric so the print doesn’t wear out too fast. You can even find printed totes that are reversible, how convenient is that. You can easily shake any sand or bits out of your tote, or if you are in a rush and need to change outfits but don’t want to be caught wearing the same bag all day, just flip it and go.
  4. The Metallic Tote is a must-have piece for someone who wants to be the chicest on the block. Metallics are always in season, just like your jewellery is, so if you feel like adding a bit of oomph to your outfit then a metallic clutch is the way to go. This is even great for someone who is looking for a way to spice up there work wardrobe. A structured metallic tote bag is a way to add a bit of glam to your work wardrobe while still being big enough to carry everything you need around.
  5. The Nylon Tote is literally perfect for everything. I know what your thinking – nylon is for shopping bags and umbrellas, but you couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many amazing new designs that have incorporated nylon as a material and they have never looked hotter. Nylon is extremely durable material, it also dries really quickly which is great if you get caught in the summer rain. This is a tote bag you can take from the beach to the gym and then to dinner.