Soft, Elegant and Exquisite Maxwell Williams Kimono Collection

Maxwell & Williams is a well-known brand for high-quality homewares. The unique collections from this brand go perfectly well with every style. Oriental lovers will find it hard to resist the amazing Maxwell Williams Kimono collections that include dinner sets, cake stands, plates, mugs, cups and saucers. The way you serve the food tells a lot about you. If you are more into Japanese-inspired floral designs, then choose the stunning Maxwell Williams Kimono collection. Serve your tea, cake or meal in unique and exquisite China Kimono sets.

Maxwell Williams Kimono Dinner Sets


Dress your table with Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner set. You will add an instant oriental touch to your table. Your guests will feel like they are in Asia. The Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner sets are made from fine bone, which means they will serve you for years. If you want your table to look stunning, then choose your favorite Japanese-inspired Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner set.

Maxwell Williams Kimono Cake Stands


The Maxwell Williams Kimono cake stands are functional and beautiful. If you want to show your refined taste, then beautify your table with these Kimono cake stands. All desserts will taste much better when served in these amazing Japanese-inspired cake stands that come with unique floral designs and gold details.

Maxwell Williams Kimono Cake Plates


Serve your guests with style and show your grace and hospitality with the Maxwell Williams Kimono cake plates. Be sure that you will only receive positive complements for your cake and plates as well. The Kimono cake plates from Maxwell & Williams come with vibrant colors and floral designs which show the Japanese art.

Maxwell Williams Kimono Cups & Saucers


Are you familiar with the Japanese tea ceremony “ the Way of Tea”? That is a unique ceremonial preparation and presentation of the famous green tea. The tea ceremony, known as chanoyu in Japan, started in the 9th century by the Buddhist monk Elchu. This tradition started when he personally prepared and served green tea to the great emperor Saga. The Japanese retained this as part of their tradition. Even today drinking tea for them is a special ritual. The Maxwell Williams Kimono cups and saucers are perfect for those who want to be part of this tradition. If you want to serve your tea with style, then adorn your cabinet with Maxwell Williams Kimono collection of cups and saucers.

Maxwell Williams Kimono Mugs


The mugs in the Maxwell Williams Kimono collection are made from bone china (a soft-paste porcelain) which is safe to put in a microwave or a dishwasher. Where can you find mugs that look so graceful and delicate? These Japanese-inspired mugs are definitely your best choice. The Kimono mugs come in a special box, which makes them a perfect gift for all tea lovers.