Simple Tips for Cooking With Stevia Instead of Sugar

Whether you are a diabetic or a healthy person looking to enjoy something sweet without the sugar, stevia gives you this opportunity. With no carbohydrates, calories, and zero glycemic index, stevia is the sugar substitute you’ve been looking for to create the same sweet taste in your favorite food and drinks without worries and guilt.

If you enjoy cooking for your family, cooking with stevia will also make you even more inspired to prepare delicious meals because you know you will be serving them food that is tasteful and much more healthy.

cooking with stevia

However, cooking with stevia is a little different (we can even say easier) than cooking with sugar. This is due to the fact that stevia is 200-350 times sweeter than sugar, so you will need much less of it to achieve the same sweet taste in your recipe. Because you will be using less of it, you will have to adjust the other ingredients in your recipe as to make up for the lost bulk. Here are some useful tips for cooking with stevia.

Tip # 1

Mix the ingredients of your recipe as directed without the sugar. Substitute the sugar with the stevia according to the type of product you have. For every cup of sugar required in your recipe, replace it with 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon stevia extract powder, or 1 teaspoon liquid stevia, or 1 tablespoon concentrated stevia liquid. For smaller sugar measurements, consult this stevia conversion chart.

Tip # 2

Add the bulk filler ingredient to the mixture. Since the amount of stevia used to replace sugar creates less texture, you will need more ingredients to balance out your recipe. For every cup of sugar you substitute, we recommend for you to to add 1/3 cup of bulk or liquid like yogurt, applesauce, egg whites, fruit juice or water.

Tip # 3

Combine all the rest of the ingredients together and follow the instructions of your recipe.

As you can see, cooking with stevia is not such a hard transition, yet, it is very beneficial, since we are all familiar with the harmful effects of refined sugar. For starters, you can try one of the many recipes that use stevia available online and once you become confident with the proper measurement and conversion of stevia sweetener, you can transform all your delicious recipes into a sweet, yet healthy alternative without sacrificing its taste.