Reasons to Get a Stone Guard: Protect Your Vehicle’s Bonnet & Boost Its Looks

A stone guard, also known as bonnet protector or bonnet guard, is an acrylic cover that’s fitted on the front of your vehicles’ bonnet to protect it from stone chips, bugs and road debris. A bonnet protector can also cover up any scratches or damage to the bonnet. Made from tough and hard-wearing acrylic, bonnet guards are designed to fit for each specific vehicle model.

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Are stone guards worth the investment? Totally! These affordable car accessories are one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle as they provide an effective way to keep the front and end paint job and windshield protected against bugs and upcoming airborne debris.

How they do that? By creating an upstream of air so that bugs and small rocks get swept up and over your vehicle instead of hitting the windshield directly. Simply said, the purpose of bonnet guards is to change the direction of upcoming airflow. Here are some of the benefits of installing a stone protector on your vehicle.

Bonnet Protection

Some people prefer installing weather shields on their vehicles for extra protection. A weather shield does protect the car’s paint so individuals don’t have to deal with any scratches or other issues, but it doesn’t offer protection for the bonnet. When driving, small stones and chips from the road get propelled into the air and can easily damage the weather shields, which means the bonnet will get damaged as well. Installing a quality stone guard on your vehicle will prevent stones and chips from even touching your vehicle’s bonnet. The protector is adjusted at an angle that pushes the road debris at a way that it can’t damage any part of the car.

Scratch Prevention

Even the smallest paint scratches that are the result of upcoming flying insects, debris, sand or rocks can be costly to repair. Sometimes, you can’t just put some paint on the scratched parts only, which means you may have to repaint the entire vehicle. A bonnet protector guards your vehicle against such damages, helping reduce maintenance and service costs.

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Enhanced Appearance

A well designed and adequately fitted bonnet protector covers the edges of the hood, enhancing the appearance of the vehicle. Plus, some models come with eye-catching finishes, such as matte black, dark smoke, or chrome coats that add to the appearance of the vehicle.

Screw-On vs Self-Adhesive Bonnet Protectors

Screw-on models come with installation screws. If this type of accessory doesn’t correspond to the screw holes available on your hood, you may have to drill some holes so that it can fit on your vehicle.

Self-adhesive bonnet protectors, on the other hand, come with a strong adhesive, such as 3M tape to ensure it sticks perfectly to your vehicle. Just make sure the self-adhesive bonnet protector you choose is car wash safe to avoid coming off when your car is being washed.

Universal vs Vehicle-Specific Bonnet Protectors

The effectiveness of a bonnet protector depends on its design, hence the importance to choose a stone guard designed for your vehicle’s specific model, year and make. You can find universal-fit bonnet guards, and while these models might be more affordable, the vehicle specific-fit models guarantee proper aerodynamics and effortless installation.

Key Features to Consider

  • Construction – This feature is what determines the bonnet protector’s effectiveness in protecting your hood paint and windshield from bugs, rocks and other sediments. It also determines the durability of the bonnet protector. With that in mind, you’ll want to look for maximum protection and durability. Consider high-quality materials such as impact-modified acrylic to ensure enhanced protection and longevity.
  • Compatibility – Not all bonnet protectors will fit on your vehicle. Considering that, it’s suggested to go for ones that you are sure are made to perfectly fit on your hood. Always check the specifications fitment of the product you are about the buy to make sure it is the correct one for your vehicle. If you fail to do this, you may have to drill extra holes on your hood or order another protector which can be very tedious and costly.
  • Ease of Installation – Choosing a protector that you can install yourself will help you save money. Even if you need help with installation, it’s good to buy a protector that doesn’t require extra modification. Also, even if you choose a protector specifically made for your car, it might require extra drilling for proper installation. So, choose easy-fit-models and avoid extra costs.

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Where to Buy Bonnet Protectors?

You can shop for bonnet guards online or at your local vehicle accessories store. Many prefer shopping online due to the large variety available. When it comes to installation, you can probably install the bonnet protector easily yourself. However, if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, you can go to your local mechanic or dealership for a quick and affordable installation.