Our Top Tips for Installing Toyota Corolla Mirrors



In most cases, replacing a vehicle’s side mirrors is typically done as a result of an accident or simply because the owner wants to upgrade their ride. Whatever the reason behind it may be, one thing is for sure, you need to be armed with the right info so that you are able to replace the old and install the new one as fast as possible. And that’s exactly why I’m here today. Let’s take a look at the steps you should go through to complete the process.


For this simple and quick process, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, both 100mm and 13mm sockets, a trim removal tool and a 1cm (3/8″) ratchet. Of course, don’t forget both the passenger and driver Toyota Corolla mirrors, or only the one you need to replace if you happen to find the exact same mirror or paint that matches it.



Unless you want to fry off your new part, make sure you disconnect the negative battery terminal by using the 10mm socket to loosen the nut on the post. After you do that, you should put the cable to the side. Afterwards, make sure to remove the triangle-shaped cover found on the top corner of the door, which is best done with the plastic pry tool. You will then remove the door panel using both the flathead screwdriver and the pry tool. However, don’t do it before you’ve removed any pushpins and the plastic door handle.

When you loosen up the panel, remove the mounting bolts found on the top and bottom of the handle with care and then pull up the panel. Once you do that, just disconnect the wiring and remove the side mirror using the 10 mm and 13 mm sockets. Make sure the mirror doesn’t fall down once you unscrew the last bolt – you may need some help with this as the mirror can easily scratch the paint on the door when it falls down.


After you’ve removed the old Toyota Corolla mirrors (or mirror), install the new ones back by screwing in the same types of bolts back and connecting the wiring snuggly. Then, repeat every step you did thus far, but only in backwards order. Make sure you double-check every fastener, pushpins and fitting as you go through the whole process in reverse in order to avoid any issues at the end. This replacement process shouldn’t take much time as long as you follow every step carefully and do exactly what I have suggested you do.