Oral Health Services and Proper Hygiene: The Secret Behind the Perfect Smile

As much as it’s considered a thing of vanity, beauty is something to be admired and it’s part of our cultures. Furthermore, it’s ingrained in our brains to look for things we find beautiful which justifies the attempts to stay beautiful. For some it may be investing in clothing, for others it may be makeup, spas, or organic foods and monthly gym memberships – anything to do with staying healthy. However, when it comes to health and beauty, there’s an important aspect we so often forget: the smile.


A smile can be the ace up your sleeve as it’s the basic ingredient that helps make a great impression with people, seem more agreeable and likeable. In other words, it’s the essence of being self-confident and it can be the best accessory you can wear. Of course there are different kinds of smiles, and not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned teeth, but it’s nothing dentists can’t handle. The key to having a healthy smile is maintaining the hygiene and relying on oral health services for frequent check-ups and professional cleaning every now and then.

Considering teeth are delicate, it’s important not to waste precious time as soon as some problem arises, because the sooner it’s fixed the better the outcome would be with no extractions needed. This is why it’s good to have your trusted team of professionals who can provide you with the necessary oral health services. Regular check-ups (cleaning, polishing, x-rays), brushing at least twice a day, along with flossing and using mouthwash to prevent tooth decay, isn’t all you can do to ensure optimal teeth health.

It’s not just about brushing teeth in maintaining basic hygiene, it’s in how and when brushing is done. Brushing teeth right after eating, or drinking coffee, fizzy or acidic drinks can cause more damage as it destroys the enamel and the dentin, the layer below the enamel. It’s better to just rinse your mouth with water and wait more than half an hour to do the brushing. Then again, the toothbrush you have also has a great impact in preserving the health of your teeth. Though we’re all more prone to buy hard bristles, it’s actually the soft bristles that are more effective when removing the plaque that leads to tooth decay.


When plaque isn’t removed, it also leads to gum diseases which start from an inflammation, so your gums bleed when brushing teeth and eating hard food, and then ending up as periodontitis. Talk with your dentist in time when you encounter a problem, so you can have it treated fast and avoid further damage, pain and swelling. Behind the perfect smile, there’s proper hygiene and the right dentist.