Office Comfort: Adjustable Standing Desk or a Regular One?

Modern day life and technology. Just hearing this combination makes it easy to imagine how it affects the lifestyles of many, predominantly leading to sedentarism. While it may not seem harmful, it sure is, especially when you get to sit out both at work and at home. It’s not surprising sitting has often been said to be the smoking of our generation. For this reason, it’s important to find the solutions that would make up for the risks posed by all the sitting. It can be taking up exercise routines even at home, but it’s best to do more than that if you want to get optimal results.

The solution to this would be to switch the regular workstation with an adjustable standing desk at work. It’s an ergonomic trend that’s sweeping the world because of the numerous benefits its design offers, helping employees work more productively.

Standing Desk

The concept of the adjustable standing desk relies on giving the user the control over the height of the desk, having the ability to change from sitting to standing, ensuring more flexibility and comfort. Considering work while standing makes up for a heartbeat of 10 or more times per minute, there’s a boost in energy, alertness, as well as calorie burning. It’s created to help the user handle the work tasks easily, with improved concentration, something that’s at the benefit of the work quality itself, as well as the success of the company, so a raising desk is more than a valuable investment to make.

Sitting has long been the subject of research, and it’s now become widely known how detrimental it can be for a person’s health, especially when done hours and hours on end, day after day. Along with the usual back, waist, and neck pain, there’s the fact it leads to weight gain, risk of cardiovascular issues, and premature death. When you pair sitting with an ergonomic chair, and ergonomic sit-stand desk, then you can count on comfort at the workplace. A safe office environment is one where comfort is guaranteed.

The latest research has lead people to talk badly of raising desks, saying standing hours on end leads to varicose veins as well as swelling in the feet and ankles. However, it’s common knowledge that exaggerating with something can turn to be harmful. Instead of letting this new research cast doubt on your choice, let it just be a reminder the raising desks are ingenious and allow you to alternate between sitting and standing while working, so you can benefit from both sitting and standing without exaggerating with either, meaning you can reap the benefits of both.