Oakley Replacement Lenses: Keep Your Eyes in Good Shape

Good sunglasses will touch up your entire look. But, we all know that eyewear is not just a stylish accessory but also important protection for your eyes. Considering Australia’s high sunshine rate, going out without proper sunglasses, means a serious risk of damaging your eyes. This is why when you buy quality sunglasses like Oakleys you are not wasting money, but you make a good investment for your health.

But, sometimes, even the best quality Oakley shades could get scratches or cracks. Dropping your eyewear and break or scratching the lenses is nothing uncommon, but when this happens, you do not have to dread the idea of buying a brand new pair. When this happens, you have the option to seek replacement lenses for old Oakley sunglasses from a reliable store with long-term experience in the area.replacement lenses for old oakley sunglasses

This perhaps sounds like something that is too good to be true. But, once you decide to change the lenses of your glasses, you can find a wide range range of Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses for all models. Most replacement lenses are so well-crafted that you will not be able to say that there was a swap. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality optically engineered lenses and continue wearing your favourite pair of sunglasses, without having to make another big investment.

Let’s check out some things you should know before you buy Oakley lenses.

Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do is proper research for replacement lenses for old Oakley sunglasses. This will narrow down your choices (location, price, models, frames, lenses, how fast the replacements can be shipped, etc.). Next, you should decide what type of lenses you want – polarised or regular. Once you receive your lenses, you can easily place the new lenses onto your old frame. You would be surprised how easy it is (all you need is to follow the product’s instruction guide or check out some videos online that will guide you through the process).

Polarised vs. Regular Lenses

I mentioned that you can pick between regular and polarised lenses. The main difference lies in how they impact your eyesight when you are exposed to sun rays.polarised-lenses-vs-regular-lenses

Glasses with polarised lenses will filter the light out in a horizontal orientation. Naturally, you cannot prevent light from getting into your eyes from other directions, but horizontal light is quite an issue because it causes glare from the surfaces it reflects off. The glare can be unnoticeable, but it can also be dangerous and irritating and even blinding (this depends on how sensitive eyes you have).

That being said, these lenses will help you lower the number of glares and sun hazes when you are out and make you a lot more comfortable whether you’re at the beach, park, mountain. These lenses have a special coating that provides them with anti-blur and anti-haze protection. These types of lenses are recommended for skiers, boaters, hikers, and crucial for the safety of drivers.four-wheel-josef-newgarden oakley polarised lenses for drivers

If your old Oakley lenses weren’t polarised, now is your chance to upgrade your eyewear. There are polarised replacement lenses for all types of Oakley models.

However, it’s important to point out that the only issue that polarised lenses might bring difficulties with your vision when it comes to looking at your devices. Let’s say you want to take a selfie, but when wearing polarised sunglasses you might not see yourself properly.

Another thing that might not go smooth with your polarised sunglasses is that you won’t be able to watch TV properly (sure, who wears sunglasses when they watch TV, but, you get the point). If you are a pilot, then polarised models are not suitable for you because you will have a harder time reading the control panel.

So, if you are about to change your Oakley glass lenses, make sure you decide what kind of lenses you want and whether they are suitable for your usual daily activities.

Take Good Care of Your New Lenses

Once you’ve bought and installed the replacements, you want to make sure that they stay in good condition so that you don’t have to go through this process again. Besides protecting them from falls and other accidents, it’s important to clean your shades often and properly. Otherwise, the dirt can eat away at the lenses and destroyed their protective coating.Oakley-Cleaning-Kit-for-Sunglasses

To wipe the lenses it’s best to use a special lens cleaning spray that has less than 5% alcohol. Spray some of it on the lenses and wipe them softly using a clean cloth and circular motions. When cleaning the grime build up around the grames and underneath the rubber nose and earpieces, rinse the sunglasses off with lukewarm water and give them a gentle scrubbing using mild dish soap give the frames a gentle scrubbing. Don’t use any cleaning product that has ammonia or bleach or vinegar because these can damage the coatings.

Whenever you want to remove a smudge, never use your breath and your shirt. Clothing is rarely soft enough to clean lenses without scratching them and isn’t always able to remove fluids completely. As a result, the shades can become streaked and dirtier than before. Instead, always carry a special microfibre cloth for cleaning lenses.