Mother’s Day: Tips for What to Get to the Mum Who Has Everything

mothers day mother and daughter


No matter how many times a year you get your mum a little something to make her feel special, you still get excited for Mother’s day. But the question is: What do you get the mother who has everything?

Home Manicure

nail dryer


A nail dryer is a smart gift, expecially for this period when trips to the salon can be risky. These dryers are extremely handy, portable, durable and can help your mum dry her nails within minutes. As a bonus, this way your mum won’t catch fungus or some other of the infections common for such places. The main reason for this is poor hygiene and poor tools sterilisation after every customer. With a home set like this, she will keep such infections at bay.

Chocolate Flower Delivery Mothers Day Gift

chocolate bouquet for mother's day


This is a perfect way to express to your mom the gratitude and love you feel in a unique way. Instead of buying the usual flower bouquet, you can surprise her with a flower delivery mothers day chocolate bouquet. Arranged in the form of a bouquet of roses, these chocolate treats will surely make her smile and rejoice while savouring every piece of chocolate in it. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, Belgian chocolate are some of the many options you can choose from.

Make sure to add a card along with the bouquet and write down something sweet and memorable. If you feel like there is a missing piece in this gift puzzle, along with the bouquet, you can get her a gourmet basket filled with her favourite wine, cheese, appetisers, and fruit. Adding real flowers is also an option. Since you already have a bouquet of sweet flowers, you can opt for some indoor plant. This way, yuor gift will not have a surprise aspect, but it will also be abundant.

What is the most Common Flower for Mother’s Day?

When it comes to what type of plant you ought to add, you can go for Peace Lilly plant, Cyclamen, succulent seagrass, lemon tree, money tree, succulent, Zanzibar gem plant, gardenia and so on. The list of indoor plants is huge and so are the possibilities of arranging the sweetest Mother’s day basket for your very special person.

Wine Chiller

wine chiller


If she is a serious wine connoisseur, then she would surely love the idea of keeping her white wine cold while having dinner. These chillers come in different styles, colours and shapes and can do the job and keep white wine cold and fresh.

Moisturising Face Set

organic skincare basket


Since Mother’s day is all about pampering your mom and treating her with gifts that are meant only for her, you can always gift her with a nourishing face set. You can either go with her favourite face products or you could pick something else, just make sure that the gift is suitable for her skin type and age. The set you put together can include a nourishing face mask that can help her clarify the skin texture and bring back the glow. A face moisturiser, face cream and toner are also a must. To complete the whole package, you can also invest in a quality eye cream. Your mom deserves the best, and a gift like this can surely help her enjoy some quality and relaxing ‘me time’.

Smoothie Maker

smoothie maker


If your mom loves fruit and is all about staying in shape and healthy, you can gift her a quality smoothie maker. Make sure you choose the right size and model as not all smoothie makers are the same. One thing is certain, these smoothie makers can help your mom keep up with her routine in a tasty and fast way. As a bonus, every time she makes a smoothie, she will think of you (as if this isn’t something she does all the time already).