Life Imitates Cartoons: Skateboard Lessons With Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson, you funny, old scamp. With quotes like “I didn’t think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows” or his famous catchphrase “Eat my shorts” you just can’t not love him. Every single kid who’s seen The Simpsons at least once has fallen in love with Bart’s rebellious and mischievous actions, although often-times they can be pretty cruel and naughty.


The truth is, even though we’re not fond of school pranksters in real life, there’s something intriguing about Bart’s character that gives any random viewer a feeling of freedom, probably because he always does whatever he wants. Being famous as the “underachiever” among the police authority due to his mischievousness, Bart is the show’s ultimate and favorite “bad boy”. But there’s nothing he loves as much as his green almighty skateboard. Because of Bart’s great passion for skateboarding, many generations have been inspired to start discovering the art of the skateboard decks.

Being a “skateboarder” is probably one of the most wanted labels by kids and teenagers. The urban “bad boy” style and the usually colorful skateboard decks are the perfect recipe for being cool and not rarely, famous. It’s really funny to note that Bart has some kind of love-hate relationship with skateboarding: he’s either too good or really bad at it. It’s true he had some serious and pretty awesome hijinks, but it’s also true that in many episodes we saw him falling down and cracking his bones from a single flip. Nonetheless, Bart’s been an inspiration to many good and bad skateboarders around the world and we, as citizens of the world, should thank him for that.

Skateboard decks are not just a really cool “vehicle” that will take you anywhere you want, they are also super friendly for the environment. Bart goes to school with his skateboard to school, so why can’t you as well? Plus riding around with colorful skateboard decks will certainly make you famous among the gang, but not as much among the family members. Just like Bart, you may be the one who is misunderstood and frustrated from the narrow minded people of the family who are judging you for “riding around on a couple of wheels and not paying attention to traffic lights”. However if you’re a true skateboarder by heart, you should respect every street rule because the street is every skater’s sanctuary.skateboard

And boy oh boy how trending skateboarding has become since the 90’s! Being a skater is a way of life and just like Bart Simpson, skateboarding will become an inevitable part of your everyday life decisions, your style, the people you hang out with and the places you like to visit. It’s all connected – that’s why the skateboarding communities are one of the fastest growing urban communities to date. But there’s also so much creativity going on around these communities: Graphic designers, musicians, urban artists, photographers – a lot of people find their life’s calling through skateboarding.

When you skate, art will become a significant part of your life by default and it will be really hard not to get pulled into it. Think Bart: He skates and he likes drawing things with his spray! Maybe he’s not the best example, but even in cartoons skateboarding and arts go awesomely well together. In the end, with skateboarding you will enjoy life. Every skater out there is an eternal child and who enjoys life more than children? Just stay cool, grab your deck and board on. There are too many things around the city that are waiting to be discovered.