How Your Wine Choice Reveals Your Personality

Do you know that your wine style says a lot about you? According to a recent wine study, the social habits of white wine style drinkers were distinctively different from those who preferred red or rose. The study revealed that white wine style drinkers are in some sense, conservative, while red wine style drinkers appear to be more relaxed. Rose wine style fans on the other hand, love the challenge.

Which type of wine do you prefer? Are you traditional, easygoing or an adventurer? Want to know what your wine style says about the type of person you are? Read on.


Sauvignon Blanc

With Sauvignon Blanc it’s either love-it or hate-it options. If this is the white wine style you prefer, then you like designer clothes and wild adventures. Back in school, you were most likely the leader of the debate team and today, you run your own business.


Champagne lovers usually have a closet full of cashmere sweaters and their favourite tourist destination is the ‘city of love’, Paris. They like to present themselves as party people, when in reality, they hit the bed at 10 pm.

Pinot Grigio

Being popular for its ability to pair well with most foods, Pinot Grigio is a safe white wine style choice. You are neitehr the type of person that chooses the chef’s tasting menu nor is the skydiving among your favourite hobbies (probably not even on the list at all). On the contrary, you are the type of downtown person whose idea of adventure is reading interesting books and watching great movies.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a romantic and intoxicating ‘sex in a glass’ wine, just like you. Thanks to your incredible charm, mysterious look and powerful aura, you win the heart of every person that crosses your way.


The Merlot wine style and the people who prefer it, can be described with one word – basic. What matter to you is comfort, and your idea of a perfect gift is a simple pillow with an inspirational phrase printed on it.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon lovers have a strong personality and talent to engage just about anyone. They love to travel and really know how to appreciate fine things in life. Their friends consider them the most interesting person in the world.


You definitely know the definition and the meaning of the word ‘chic’. You love spending your summer days on the beach or at a polo match. Simply put, you know how to enjoy life.