How to Shape Your Eyebrows Like a Pro: Tips & Tricks

It seems like every year, there’s a new beauty trend dominating our social media feeds and the streets. But while accentuating our lips and eyes were the features that we focused the most in the past, you probably noticed that this past couple of years are all about eyebrow care. Finally, we’ve reached the “brow phase”, realizing how beautiful eyebrows help to define our face and make us look much better. If you want to up your brow game, here are some shaping tricks and tips that can make a big difference and get you many compliments.


Get Your Tools

Shaping your brows can be considered an art. And an artist is as good as his/her tools. So, for crafting great-looking brows, you’ll need quality eyebrow tools and products. First of all, make sure that you have tweezers that are easy to hold and handle. One wrong move and your brows can be ruined. If you feel that you lack the dexterity, slanted tweezers can help you be more precise. Before you tweeze your brows, make sure that your brush them with a spoolie brush – this can prevent you from tweezing out the wrong hair.


Of course, everyone can make occasional mistakes, and that’s when brow filler pencils can save the day. So, make sure you have a brow pencil available in your hair’s natural colour. If you feel like your eyebrows are too thin and sparse, you can create a fuller look with the help of a brow mascara.

If you don’t want your perfectly shaped brows to be ruined by rouge hairs, consider using a brush and a brow sealer to keep them in place. A brow sealer is similar to mascara only colourless. But you can also find a coloured sealer that can serve two purposes in one product – keep the hairs in place and add thickness. Keeping your brows flawless will be a piece of cake once you have accumulated a versatile eyebrow kit. As you see, it takes more than tweezers to do a great job. Now that you have it all by your side, it’s time to get it done.

Find the Right Shape for Your Brows and Prepare Them

perfect eyebrow

To make sure the brows compliment you beautifully, they need to suit your face shape. Once you’ve determined the right brow shape, take a spoolie brush and brush up your brows to see if there are any long hairs to be removed or any holes to be covered. If necessary, do a little trimming, but only to the front area of the brow. Remember to trim at a downward angle and only the hairs that are too long, which will probably be only a few. Next, you need to identify the three key parts which are the starting point, the peak of the arch and the end, following the natural contours of your brows.

Determine Where the Brow Should Start

Finding the ideal starting point is very simple, yet quite important. You can use your brow pencil and draw a straight line from the crook of the nose up to the brow. Mark it where the tool crosses the brow, and if there is any hair that goes beyond the mark towards the centre of your face, tweeze it.

Find Your Arch

eyebrow arch

To mark the right place where the arch should fall, you need to angle the brow pencil from the side of the nose to the highest point of your eyebrow. That will be the peak of your arch. This point will be the same regardless of the shape you prefer. Just mark it and leave it for now.

Mark the End

In order to determine where your brow should end, you need to point the pencil diagonally from the side of the nose, lining it up with the outer corner of the eye. Mark the spot where the pencil hits the brow bone and there you got your brow shape initialized.

Draw the Shape of Your Brows

Drawing the shape of the brows means connecting the three points you’ve already marked. Make the marked area your guide, but if you’re not confident yet, make sure that your brow bone and the desired shape are aligned with each other. To begin you’ll need a brow pencil, powder or gel. You need to make sure that the brow products are in the right colour. Try using two shades to give your eyebrows more texture.


Then, hold the tool tight and fill in the brows slowly in the direction your hair grows. Begin with a deeper shade at your natural arch, same as your hair or a shade darker. Fill the arch and the tale, while using a lighter shade for filling the starting point of your brow. The tiny, light strokes are most important when diffusing the mapped-out shape. You can also use eyebrows products like a mascara and a spoolie brush in order to smoothen any harsh lines, focusing on the back and forth motions. At the end, set it with brow conditioner.

Aim for a Natual Arch

Shaping your brows might feel like a combination of art and geometry at times. To master this skill, take a spoolie brush and brush the hairs downwards. Then use the brow pencil slightly above your brow shape and make the peak. After this, put the brow hairs back using the brush and look at how you’ve reached a natural look of your arch.

Not Too Close to the Mirror

girl doing eyebrows in front of mirror

While you’re doing the brow shaping, from time to time you need to see what it really looks like. To do so, keep a distance between you and the mirror to get a better chance to balance your brows. Remember that nobody’s eyebrows are symmetrical, so yours can look a bit uneven, and it’s a pretty normal thing.

Tweeze with Ease

After you’ve drawn your desired eyebrows shape, you’ll need to remove any hairs outside of the drawn area. Do it carefully, holding the skin tight and remove one hair at a time, in their growing direction. That helps you prevent rupturing of the follicle, which is important for skin health. It will also result in feeling less pain.

tweeze eyebrows

In case a hair is too short and you can’t tweeze it, better leave it. Pushing the tweezers into the skin will only cause bleeding, maybe even scars, so just wait until it gets a little bit longer and can be easily removed. In the case of over-plucking, fill in the spot with brow powder or a pencil using an angled brush or a pencil. After that, brush your eyebrows with a sealer, clean or tinted one, up to your preference.

If there are some hairs very close to the line, it is recommendable to leave them since you don’t want to pluck one wrong hair and make a gap that will ruin the shape you were so hard trying to achieve.

Smart Tricks to Avoid Pain

eyebrow-mistakes avoid pain

You’re probably familiar with the cold method already – applying ice to the area and then tweezing, in order to avoid pain. However, it is more recommended to soften the skin and hair by putting a warm face cloth over your brows. Or even easier and simpler, start shaping your brows after coming out of the shower. To relieve the pain, you can also apply numbing spray.

Use a Concealer

Outline your brows with a concealer one shade lighter than the colour of your skin. That way you’ll avoid putting the accent on the arches and keep a natural look.