How To Properly Care For Your Handbag

We all have a favourite handbag we cherish. You must have one too. It is your ally that always comes to the rescue and turns a boring outfit into a fab one. And of course, you want to hold on to it for as long as possible. After all, it is your Kalashnikov among the arsenal of handbags stored in the closet.

Although there are no written rules about how to properly care for ladies handbags, there are some crafty hints and tips to help proud owners keep them in good condition and expand their lifespan.


  • Proper Storage – Do not expect your handbag to keep its brand-new, fresh look if you toss it recklessly into the closet every time you come from work. Instead, you should place it carefully in its place, to maintain its good condition. Also, choose a clean and dry environment, especially if the bag is made out of leather. They do not support hot and humid environment, because in such conditions, their glowing beauty is put аt a risk.
  • Material Protection – A dust cover is a must-have accessory for ladies handbags (regardless of the material). The dust cover is a small piece of soft cloth that keeps the bag dust-free, thus protects the material from fading, or getting scratched and damaged. It usually comes along with the newly-purchased handbag.
  • Proper Cleaning – Normally, handbags should be regularly cleaned if you want to boost their longevity. Cleaning your favourite handbag depends mostly on the material that it is made of. Usually, the majority of ladies handbags are cleaned with soft, wet cloth and nothing else. If your favourite handbag is made out of leather, then a special leather cleaning product may be required, so you don’t damage the material. If you are a handbag freak and look after your leather handbag as if a baby, know that professional cleaning services are available.
  • NEVER Put Your Handbag On The Floor – How many times when in a rush, you have put your handbag on the floor without even noticing? It is wrong and definitely a big no-no. Look at it this way – do you sit on a floor when in a restaurant, a bar or at work? 100% you do not. If you do not like it, neither does your handbag. The dust and nastiness of the floor will practically kill the prettiness of your fabulous handbag. Thus, always try to place it on your lap, seat or hang it on the back of the chair.