How to Buy the Best Digital Camera to Capture Your Holiday Memories

When it comes to taking fantastic photos, a high-quality camera makes the whole difference. To make sure you are getting a high-end camera, it is important that before you reach an Australian camera store you do a good research to understand the differences in picture quality a camera can offer, the advanced features it can have, and how easy it can be to use it. Below you will find the key factors to look for in camera in order to choose the best one for your needs.


What Makes a Good Camera?

Nowadays, when you enter in an Australian camera store you can find a variety of cameras ranging from simple point-and-shoot compact cameras, to more advanced digital SLR ones. Regardless of which type of camera you decide to go with, there are some features that deserve special attention.

  • Megapixels – Most affordable cameras offer at least 14 megapixels, which is more than enough as even a 5 megapixel camera can create good prints at standard sizes.
  • Image Stabilization – This feature helps reduce blurriness in photos that may be caused by shaky camera movement. Quality cameras have the ability to create sharp images no matter how difficult they were to capture.
  • Zoom – The zoom is a feature responsible for enlarging the pixels in an image after it has been taken. Cameras that come with optical zoom will deliver an image with much sharper results. Know that 5x optical zoom is the minimum acceptable standard.
  • Build Quality – While there are cameras that are lightweight and pocket-sized, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t durable. Many of these cameras are built with a high density plastic or metal case as well as with solid, well-placed buttons which allow them to withstand wear and tear.
  • Face Detection – A feature that automatically detects people in the frame as you compose a perfect shot. A high-end camera can accurately recognize faces, even in poor light conditions.
  • Low Light Photo Quality – A low end camera will create fuzzy low light photos with little details and unbalanced colours. High-quality models are less impacted in tough conditions.
  • Wi-fi – Some modern camera models allow you to transfer photos wirelessly to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Today many manufacturers offer free apps to make this process simple and easy.

To sum it all up, shop wisely and remember that the more you invest in a good camera, the best pictures you will have. Go ahead and explore.